City Unrulyversity - Busting Online Marketing Myths

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Wed 26 Nov, 2014 at 6:15pm
Unruly HQ
42-46 Princelet Street
London, E15LP, UK
Cost: FREE


Busting Online Marketing Myths

By Dr Anja Lambrecht (London Business School) & Cat Jones (Unruly)

Fall Term - Final Session

Online marketing gives us unparalleled access to both consumers and data, and allows for targeted campaigns that are even affordable for smaller companies. At the same time, competition for attention is extremely high online, and good online marketing requires time and effort, as well as financial resources. While there's lots of data being collected, making sense of that data is another matter. As a result, many misconceptions about what works and what doesn't online are being perpetuated without any proper evidence.

In this interactive talk, academia and practice join forces to talk you through a number of online marketing myths and the actual evidence for or against them. We'll cover paid search advertising, retargeting of online display advertising, promoted tweets, and viral video. We'll distill rather complex academic studies, so expect this talk to be intellectually challenging and bring your A game!

Dr Anja Lambrecht is Assistant Professor of Marketing at London Business School. Her research focuses on targeting through online advertising, the adoption of new services and technologies, and non-linear pricing. Her research has been published in leading academic journals, including the Journal of Marketing Research and Marketing Science. For her publication “When Does Retargeting Work? Information Specificity in Online Advertising”, Anja received the 2014 Paul E. Green Award that honors research with the most potential to contribute significantly to the practice of marketing research. She is an econometric whiz, so crunching big data is her idea of fun.

Cat Jones is Unruly’s Product Director and leads the Unruly ShareRank™ product suite, which uses a proprietary algorithm to predict and increase the sharing potential of videos. With a first class degree in Physics, five years at Unruly and prior experience in strategy consulting, Cat is also researching the science of sharing specifically as it relates to cause-related videos and altruistic intent as part of a Sustainable Development MSc. Cat has been featured in TIME magazine and by the BBC talking about video shareability and is regularly invited to present the science of sharing at international data and insight conferences.