EntrepreneurCountry Forum

Event Info

Tue 2 Dec, 2014 from 8:00am - 5:00pm
The Royal Institution of Great Britain
21 Albemarle Street
London, W1S 4BS, UK
Cost: Standard Ticket: £250 + VAT


The EntrepreneurCountry Forum brings together 500 delegates from Corporates, fast-growing young companies, and the media to discuss how ‘Digital Enablers’ are transforming various industries, opening them up into ecosystems and creating net new digital revenues by virtue of new business models, imitating the platform/app economy of the technology world.    


This year at the Forum we will have Jamie Conway, CEO of MADE Television, http://bit.ly/1vribNi, who have just secured £3.5 million in funding keynote.     MADE’s vision is to enable its Natural Allies in local communities, be they regional businesses, national brands or public institutions, to access consumers economically and effectively on television and online.    Jamie has created  a powerful feedback loop for local advertisers through their multi-city platform which secured licenses in Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Newcastle and Teesside.   Ariadne Capital advised on this funding round as well as becoming an investor in MADE.


We will be featuring the Future of Publishing with Ariadne’s latest investment into ORSON & CO www.orsonandco.com. These publishing innovators have created the eLume, a new category of interactive experience at the cross-section of books & story-telling, film and music.    CEO Richard Summers and Co-Founder Benjamin Morse will be speaking and demoing the eLume, and showing how the traction that they have had with top quality publishing imprints like Faber & Faber and Knopf is extending into mass-market deals with global music labels and film studios.


Also, at the EC Forum, Andrea Febbraio, co-founder of ebuzzing, a $100 million revenue business, which has acquired 9 businesses will be speaking about how to build a B2B Saas firm, the remarkable rise, of ebuzzing, and what it takes to make $100 million of revenue in 7 years.


If you are considering how to engage with the digital start-up world where entrepreneurs understand how digital revenue is being created, we would be delighted to meet you and share with you our considered thoughts on how to build a Digital P&L and enhance your Digital DNA.


EntrepreneurCountry works with mid to large enterprises who are intent to build revenue-generating innovation and avoid the traps of new cost-centers, the dead-ends of over-acquiring and creating relationships with too small firms who have not yet figured out their operating model.