Connected Giving: Global Charitable Giving Trends

Event Info

Wed 11 - Thu 12 Mar, 2015 from 10:00am - 5:00pm
Senate House
Malet Street
London, WC1E 7HU, UK
Cost: 419.77


Explore the challenges and opportunities for global not-for-profits using digital tools and services to engage with donors and fundraisers

Charitable organisations operate in an increasingly competitive and complex world. The increasing volume of digital data, devices and services that together comprise the online landscape has only underscored its importance to the continued success of charitable organisations.

The Connected Giving: Global Trends in Digital Charitable Giving conference focuses on the challenges and opportunities that emerge when not-for-profits use digital tools, strategies and services to engage with donors, fundraise and raise awareness.

Join Semantica Research for a collection of talks and workshops led by global experts over two days that showcase the changes and challenges that face organisations in the not-for-profit sector utilising digital channels for charitable giving.

Recent advances and emergent trends in charitable giving have raised many vital and interesting questions and dilemmas for organisations and people alike such as:

  • ·What do the global public and organisations around the world really think about charitable giving?
  • ·How do attitudes to charitable giving differ across regions?
  • ·How do donors behave in a hyperconnected world and what can organisations do to successfully engage with them to secure donations?

Call for Papers

Those who are keen on presenting a paper at the conference are requested to submit their abstract of 300 words in length to info [at] semanticaresearch [dot] com by February 25 2015. If the abstract is accepted, submission of the original paper is expected. Participants who have not submitted their papers by the deadline will not be permitted to give a presentation.

All abstracts will be evaluated by a professional panel.

Selected papers will be published in our book of thematic compilation on Charitable Giving with the consent of the authors.

Possible topics for discussion include the following:

·How can technologies be designed, built, implemented and used for greater engagement in global charitable giving

·Can technologies enable deeper dialogues between and among individuals and groups?

·How can digital data be used more effectively to create an effective digital strategy and enhance internal operations?

·How is social media used around the world to successfully engage with donors and supporters?

·How does online charitable giving in Asia contrast with that in Europe and North America?

·What trends emerge from online charitable giving in Latin America?

·What role does personalization and crowdsourcing play in charitable giving?

·What future trends are emerging related to digital charitable giving that organisations should be aware of?

Join industry and academic professionals at the Connected Giving: Global Trends in the Charitable Giving conference, which features in-depth talks and workshops from digital not-for-profit professionals from around the world. It will empower and inspire you with executive-level insights, tactics and techniques from business leaders, health and wellness practitioners, scholars, journalists and more.

Why Should You Attend this Conference?

1.Discover the latest thinking, techniques and resources used by experts and professionals in the field of charitable giving

2.Improve your personal and professional development at low cost to you. Most conferences cost thousands of pounds, require you to take time off work and involve long travel to the event location. At the Global Charitable Giving Conference, all of this is eliminated because you can access it online.

3.Watch all of the sessions online at your own pace if you cannot make the event in person. All of the sessions are held online. You can attend the live sessions or watch the videos, read the eBook or listen to the recordings afterwards at your own convenience.

4.Network with other like-minded people in the area of charitable giving. Make new professional and personal connections in our private LinkedIn group only for conference attendees.

5.“How-To” sessions from subject-matter experts on creating effective strategies on how to live well and to your potential in the digital age