Event Info

Wed 18 Mar, 2015 at 9:30am
Bunnyfoot London
54 St John's Square
London, EC1V4JL, UK
Cost: 495.00


Axure RP allows you to rapidly prototype desktop and mobile interfaces and produce testable, sharable, HTML, viewable in a browser without touching a line of code.

This intermediates' course is an intensely practical session suitable for those who have either completed our basic course or already can do the following:

  • Create basic, bare bones wireframes using native AXURE widgets
  • Know your way around the default AXURE widgets and can apply formatting to them
  • Use Guides and grids to create tidy prototypes
  • Can screen grab then chop up existing webpages and put them back together in a different order
  • Can create basic HTML interactive prototypes i.e. clickable user journeys
  • Can annotate prototypes

Now you’re ready to take your prototypes to the next level of interactivity…

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