China Social media, SEO & branding – the drivers & KPIs that really matter

Event Info

Tue 16 Jun, 2015 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Pushkin House
5a Bloomsbury Square
London, WC1A 2TA, UK
Cost: £15


Do you know what really makes a good SEO, Social Media, and branding campaign in ChinaIf you are using a marketing agency to help you, what questions are you asking them so you know they are fit for the job? Are the measures of success different in China? And if so, how do you know if your agency is doing a good job, or if they are just masking poor performance with matrix that doesn’t matter?   

This event will equip you with the knowledge to be able to choose, create, monitor and improve your China SEO, Social Media and Branding campaigns from specialist China marketing experts from BuiltVisibleQumin and Shi Shi Ishi. We will help you to:  

  • Understanding the top 5 things to get right in SEO, social media & branding in China
  • Understand what drive/influence these success factors
  • Understand what KPIs matter in measuring success (and those that don’t!)
  • Tips on how to improve the KPIs

Sign up now and meet others like Reach7, City Hack, Lancaster University, Invest UK, Pearlfinders, Avenue 51 and many more. 


Arnold Ma is the CEO of Qumin, UK’s largest Chinese digital marketing agency with clients such as Skyscanner, Lebara, Eurostar, London and Partners, Hotcourses and Kenwood. Founded in early 2012, Qumin’s team numbers 30 but is still growing such is the demand for trustworthy and expert Chinese digital marketing insight and services. Their London and Shanghai offices deliver SEO, PPC, Web design, Social and Insights services.

Owain Lloyd-Williams recently returned to the UK after spending nearly five years in China; beginning as an English teacher and then going on to work in a variety of media-focused roles in Beijing. He now heads up the international department at London-based digital marketing agency Builtvisible, focusing on SEO and content marketing strategies for clients wanting to enter and expand their presence in the online market in China. Builtvisible's client portfolio includes FRHI Hotels & Resorts, Intuit, the Telegraph, and Hotelclub. They provide services ranging from technical SEO to content marketing and web development.

Joanna Liu’s love for art, design and branding started when she found and sold precious stones under her own brand in her younger years. During and after her postgraduate studies, Joanna visited over 30 countries, winning photography and design awards along the way. In 2008, Joanna founded the fast-growing marketing and branding business Shi Shi Ishi. Since then they have worked with international clients ranging from professional services, automobile and telecoms sectors, bringing global, especially Chinese insights to creativity and branding to their client’s activities.


6.00 pm   Registration   
6.45 pm   Presentations
7.15 pm   Q & A 
7.30 pm   Facilitated networking (40 second introductions each before networking)
9.00 pm   Event closes 



  • "Was very enjoyable and I would not have naturally met the people who attended in my normal meetings or business development. Was a great event." - Michael Gorman, Lighting Direction
  • "I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to everyone who came, and was impressed how many of you did come along. I enjoyed some very interesting discussions and meeting so many people..." - Matthew Crabbe, Mintel, Director of Research, Asia Pacific
  • "Yet another inspiring experience! Thank you, Grace!" - Emily Zhou, China consultant


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