Fintech Storm - Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain 1st June 2015

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Mon 1 Jun, 2015 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Google Campus
4-5 bonhill street
London, Ec2a 4bx, UK
Cost: GBP20 for startups GBP45 for others



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In continued tradition of our stupendously successful Fintech Storm Series

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Fintech Startup Storm - 1 June 2015 - Digital Money & CryptoCurrencies Special


Come meet the fintech startups that are disrupting the digital money finance as we know it:

Ethereum, Coindesk, Blockchain, Bitpay (tbc), Ripple Labs (tbc).

We invited some of the hottest fintech startups in London to share their excitement about the future.

This is a Meetup not to be missed with demos, talks and a round table where the movers and shakers of the hottest new industry - Fintech - will debate opportunities, challenges and their experiences through this exciting journey!

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What: Fintech Startup Storm featuring disrupters of digital money

Meet the CEOs

See Product Demos

Join the Fintech Revolution!

When: 6:00pm-9:00pm 1st June 2015

Where: Google Campus, Ground Floor

4-5 Bonhill Street, EC2A4BX

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Here's a profile of participants:


Ethereum is the most prominent of the "Bitcoin 2.0" projects taking blockchain technology beyond the confines of currency. It wants to use the technology to build decentralised applications that can run autonomously. The fact that these applications will run on the blockchain rather than any single computer will make it far more difficult — if not impossible — to shut them down.

Instead of chasing VC funding, it has crowdfunded $15 million to support the project.

Another notable outfit is Counterparty, a similar project that aims to build decentralised applications — though on top of the existing bitcoin blockchain, rather than a new one as Ethereum attempts. The two companies have repeatedly traded barbs, with both building the others' project on top of their own as proofs of concept.

Jeremy Bonney , CEO CoinDesk

CoinDesk is a cryptocurrency-focused news site, and since its launch in May 2013 it has grown to become one of the largest and most respected sources of information about the industry. 

The news site is based in London and has 14 employees.

Founded in 2011 by Ben Reeves, Blockchain (the company) offers users an easy way to explore the blockchain (the technology), such as a tool to let shopkeepers accept bitcoin. Instead of a central bank auditing transactions, bitcoin relies on a distributed network shared between its users — everyone holds a public ledger of every transaction carried out using bitcoin, which are then checked against one another to ensure accuracy. This ledger is called the blockchain, and Blockchain lets users examine it and follow the flow of any bitcoin.

In addition to this explorer, they also offer a wallet service for holding users' bitcoins. In October 2014, it raised $30 million in venture capital funding, then the largest ever for a bitcoin company, and it's seeing 20,000 to 30,000 new sign-ups for its services every week.

The company is based in London.

Nicolas Cary, Co-Founder of Blockchain will be joining the panel discussion. 

Chris Gledhill (tbc)

Chris is Technologist, Futurist and Intrepreneur. He is passionate about new breakthrough technologies and how they can be applied to financial services. Chris has a technical background with hands on experience turning disruptive new technologies such as meshnets, IoT, Big Data, physical web, cryptocurrencies and blockchains and turning them into exciting customer propositions.

Chris was recently listed at Number 1 in City AM's Influential Power List! 

More company profiles to come..


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