Doing Even More Good: Scaling Up Social Enterprises

Event Info

Wed 1 Jul, 2015 at 6:15pm
Unruly HQ
42-46 Princelet Street
London, E1 5LP, UK
Cost: Free


Doing Even More Good: Scaling Up Social Enterprises By Devi Clark (Impact Hub Kings Cross) & others

Last week we talked about the basics of social enterprise. Now we will look at the motivations and methods that lead social enterprises to scale up. Rather than a desire to grow the business for its own sake, social enterprises are often motivated by the desire to scale up their social impact.

In this session Devi Clark will moderate a panel of social entrepreneurs whose ventures are scaling. We will be talking about real stories, challenges and successes, not just the theory or ideals.

We will discuss a range of issues including: Why would an enterprise scale rather than growing organically What led each enterprise to choose to use the scaling model they did (e.g. franchising, setting up wholly   owned branches, scaling a digital product) What state a business needs to be in to be ready to scale up Whether different decisions are made for social enterprises to profit led businesses How to select the right team to support scaling- The costs and investment required to make scaling work

Sharing their experience, stories and advice with us:

Devi Clark is the Scaling Manager at the Impact Hub Kings Cross. She is responsible for the UK arm of the Scaling Programme, a project which supports 100 social enterprises to scale up across Europe. The Impact Hub is itself a social enterprise that has scaled internationally, from a single Hub in Islington 10 years ago to network of 84 Impact Hubs worldwide. Devi is an experienced social enterprise consultant and coach and the author of People, Planet, Passion. She is also the founder of The Outsiders’ Network and the licencee for TEDxAylesbury.

Carl Dawson is the Co-Founder of Proversity ( which launched in January 2014 and was named in the Startups 100 list in 2015. Proversity provides Employers, Professional Bodies and Educators with Digital Universities - building a Global Professional Development Gateway. These unique Digital Universities enable professionals to upskill themselves and unlock the next stage in their career whether leaving school, graduating from university or taking the next step up in their careers. Based in London, Proversity has recently opened a new office in Chile and is exploring another in Madrid.

Tom Rippin  is the Founder and CEO of On Purpose which has been operating for almost six years in London. In 2014 he won the BMW responsible leader award and was part of the Purpose Economy 100. On Purpose develops the next generation of social enterprise leaders by helping them experience, knowledge and networks they need and put their skills to use in organisations that harness commercial thinking towards creating social and environmental benefit. On Purpose Associates take part in challenging placements at a diverse mix of organisations, receive weekly training from professionals at leading commercial and social organisations, work with mentors and coaches and become part of a network of professionals working in social enterprise. On Purpose started in London and the model spread to Paris, where the programme has run for a year. A new team in Berlin is currently also setting up a programme.