The Corporate Communications Conference – Influential, Innovative, Impactful

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Wed 8 - Thu 9 Feb, 2017 from 9:00am - 12:00am
One America Square
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33 Senior Corporate Communications Innovators From Brands Including BP, MetLife, BBC News, The Co-op, BMW, The Body Shop, Avon, NHS England, Channel 4 & Many More Confirmed To Speak At The Corporate Communications Conference – Influential, Innovative, Impactful.


 Fresh Ideas, Pioneering Approaches, New Tactics For Innovative, High-Impact Corporate Communications Strategies Which Deliver Results.

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 8th February 2017, One America Square, Central London.

 How Can You Deliver Real Results & Demonstrable Impact With Innovative, Attention-Grabbing Corporate Comms Strategies? Maximising Social Media Engagement, Impact & Value: Seizing opportunities for harnessing social media to deliver powerful corporate communications with real impact Mitigating Crises: Be Proactive, Not Reactive! Establishing versatile, robust plans to manage and mitigate reputational risk in times of negativity and crisis Cutting-Edge Digital Innovations & New Technologies: Keep corporate communications fresh and up to date with the latest technologies, digital developments and future innovations Evaluate Impact, Demonstrate Results: Pinpointing the best measures for proving the value and ROI of your corporate communications strategy Optimise Internal Collaboration & Team Structures: Achieve a joined-up communications approach with the perfect team make-up and effective collaboration Reactions To Brexit & Uncertainty: How can communicators deal with the realities of challenging, unpredictable times? Maximise Your Reach & Stand Out: Taking advantage of insights into corporate communications channels and audience trends to ensure targeted, impactful messages Seamlessly Integrated Multi-Channel Campaigns: Integrating new and traditional channels for dynamic, engaging messages and campaigns Capture Journalists’ Attention & Engage The Media: How can you ensure your messages stand out, engage journalists and secure coverage?  Download the full agenda here:

50% more BRAND speakers than ever before sharing fresh ideas, pioneering approaches and new tactics for high-impact corporate communications: Social Media Strategies • Twitter • Instagram • Facebook • Crisis Comms & Reputational Risk • Crisis Comms Practical Exercise • Digital Innovations, New Technologies • Reaching Target Audiences • Brexit & Uncertainty ‘Question Time’ • Evaluating Impact & Results • Engaging Journalists • Integrated Channel Mix • Limited Budgets & Resources • The Internal Role Of Corporate Communications



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