Blockchain Storm Technical Workshop - How to Build Dapps

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Tue 14 Mar, 2017 from 9:30am - 6:00pm
Guoman Tower Hotel
1 St Katherine Way
London, UK
Cost: GBP150 onwards


We have hosted several fantastic Hands-on Blockchain workshops since 5 Sep 2016 in London!


Going by the feedback, the full house of 40 developer attendees enjoyed the rare technical knowledge they acquired on 5 September. 


In the interest of open source movement and taking the entire developer force along in this exciting blockchain journey, we are committed to doing more!

We are hosting 2 workshops on 13 March and 14 March and looking forward to seeing you at the Build Dapps workshop on Tuesday 14 March, where we will try to code simple decentralised applications hands-on under the guidance of two famous developers 

This is Part 2 of our Blockchain Workshop Series and a continuation of  Distributed Ledgers & Smart Contracts - Technical Workshop

Workshop will be led by Dimitri de Jonghe who is inventor of SPOOL no less! Dimitri will give both theory and handhold you during your experiments with the creation of apps on Decentralised Ledgers. Mark Simpson of RBS who built a digital wallet for RBS on blockchain will be there to guide you through the practicalities as well.

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In continued tradition of our stupendously successful Fintech Storm Series




Building DApps - Decentralised Applications  -

A Full Day Technical Workshop for Blockchain Developers  


14 March 2017 Tuesday 9am to 6pm

Enlightening, Thought-Provoking, Inspirational


What will you do this spring to boost your skills and wealth-creation ability ?


So What is a DApp?

A decentralised application (DApp) or a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is a company or service that isn't controlled by any single individual, board or other central entity.

See some examples of DApps here 

DApps are the outcome of Blockchain. When you agree that Blockchain's potential on the modern digital economy is huge, the potential will be realised through millions of DApps. 

Imagine how the Smart Phone changed our lives, with the App Store encourage inventors to come up with a myriad of Apps from Gaming & Entertainment to Productivity Enhancing to Google Maps, Uber etc. Some ultra successful compnaies of the modern economy started and remain as Apps - Instagram, Uber etc. 

So let's welcome DApps! If you want to leverage blockchain, you have got to imagine and create a DApp.

You have gulped down reams of reports, digested hours of talks by Blockchain experts and think you get "Satoshi's plan".

But, you are not sure how to create a decentralised application!

You have had enough of theory, and now you want deep practical knowledge.

Come, lets get-together with other aspiring DApp developers and get building DApps..


You have come to the right place!

Fintech Storm is committed to excellence in knowledge-sharing, training, networking and building the eco-system of next generation wealth-creators around the globe!


We have recognised Blockchain as the next big thing that will create the most employment and highest paying jobs of the next decade and chosen Blockchain as one of our focus areas for training in Europe & India. 


DApps 101 - A Technical Workshop for Developers

We have invited the most talented developers in Blockchain to give practical training to other developers.

Register here:

Time : 9:00am to 6:00pm 14 March 2017

Lunch: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Venue: Guoman Tower Hotel (TBC)

St Katherine's Way, London, E1W1LD

2 min walk from Tower Hill and 5 min walk from Aldgate Station 

Register here for Workshop on 13 March:

Topics Covered 

- What is a DApp and How to build DApps ? 

  - Some examples of DApps 

  - How to develop decentralised applications using Bigchain, Hyperledger, Solidity programming language


* Ethereum fundamentals  

* EVM Internals  

* Standard conventions for smart contracts  

* Logical flaws in smart contracts and how to avoid them  

* Security flaws in smart contracts  

* What is formal verification for smart contracts  

* The future of smart contracts   Smart contracts are computer protocols that facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract, or that make a contractual clause unnecessary. The current state of the art in public chain smart contracts is the Ethereum blockchain and it's ability to compose and deliver smart contracts between untrusted parties. Stephen, CTO of Adjoint Inc, will discuss the fundamentals of this technology, best practices, security pitfalls and the future of the smart contracts moving forward.  

Trainer 1

Dr. Dimitri De Jonghe is a full-stack blockchain developer with a passion for the internet of value.     

    Dr Dimitri De Jonghe co-invented SPOOL, one of the first protocols for intellectual property on the bitcoin blockchain. Having traversed the engineering space from the electron level at analog nanometer transistors to cloud platforms, Dimitri has in-depth knowledge about:

SPICE, VHDL, assembly, micro-C, C, C++, Java, Python, NodeJS, Javascript ES6, Postgres, MongoDB, Decentralized and distributed systems, PAXOS, RAFT, cryptography and so on. After finishing his PhD on applied machine learning to micro-electronics, he co-founded 2 startups in the machine-learning space. 

  Currently, Dimitri is working as a full-stack engineer on BigchainDB, merging big data with blockchain. He is also a co-chair of the W3C Interledger community, a protocol for connecting blockchains. Here he works on the core protocol and co-developed cryptoconditions, a verifiable alternative to smart contracts.  


Trainer 2

Thomas Bertani


Thomas Bertani is a long time blockchain expert. His career started with important contributions in the fields of high performance computing. Today he works mainly on Bitcoin and Ethereum as an entrepreneur and consultant. In August 2013 he started Bitboat, which today is among the leading 'cash to bitcoin' marketplaces in Europe. In the last 4 years his experimentations in this industry ranged from the managing of "Virtual Companies" listed on a Bitcoin Equity Crowdfunding Exchange to the incorporation of Oraclize srl (the 1st company in Italy and 2nd in Europe incorporated with Bitcoin as capital contribution). After his work at
Cointerra in designing high performance bitcoin miners and managing 5% of the global Bitcoin hashrate, his focus is now in providing reliable infrastructure layers for smart contracts via the Oraclize oracle solution.


Thomas has worked on a range of projects from web development (fullstack) to low level applications on embedded systems, scientific applications on GPUs via OpenCL/CUDA, GSM packet low level sniffing apps (osmocom), kernel-level coding to implement multithreading support on microcontrollers and much more. He moved to bitcoin in 2012 and worked on things ranging from drivers for ASIC miners, hardware wallet firmware code, fullstack bitcoin marketplace (, architecture to manage thousands of bitcoin miners, "state of art" oracle systems for Ethereum (Oraclize) and many DApps/smartcontracts.




Workshop Guest Speaker Mr Eddy Travia, CEO Coinsilium 

Below is an image of Eddy Travia speaking at Fintech Storm London April 2016

Eddy Travia is a pioneer investor in blockchain technologies and the co-founder & CEO of Coinsilium, the first London-quoted blockchain investment firm. In 2013, following nine years as a private equity fund manager in Greater China, Eddy co-founded Seedcoin, the world’s first global incubator of digital currency startups, and was recognized a year later as one of the ‘Top 3 Most Influential Investors’ in Blockchain along with Marc Andreessen and Roger Ver at the Blockchain Awards 2014 in Amsterdam. Eddy has led investments in more than 16 cutting-edge blockchain startups world-wide including FactomRSK LabsMagnr and SatoshiPay. He is also the co-founder of Block Chain Space, the first blockchain startup accelerator in Europe which launched in February 2016 in Barcelona.


Workshop Guest Speaker Ms Arifa Khan, Founder Zero Field Labs


Arifa Khan is a London based Fintech expert, a seasoned Banking & finance, strategy and operations executive, with over 15 years experience in Investment banking, Leveraged Finance/ Financial Sponsors Coverage/ Debt Products & Credit. She has worked with two suisse banks Credit Suisse & UBS, which honed her ability in deal origination, analysing strategic growth maps of companies, leading teams for impeccable execution. She has deep sector expertise in Banking & Financial services & Fintech, operational insights, the business acumen to forge big strategic partnerships. She currently advises Government of India on infrastructure financing.

Arifa has an MBA from The Wharton School of Business, USA. She is also mathematically gifted, and has a B.Tech from IIT Madras in Chem Engg. She is a Fintech evangelist. Her profile features in Femtech Leaders. ( ) Here is what Londoners say: (

Arifa's latest project is setting up a Blockchain eco-system in India through a Blockchain Excellence Centre, a Blockchain Startup Accelerator, and a fund for Blockchain Startups. 

Arifa is Member WhartonUK Club Committee, Founder Europe-India Conclave Series, speaker at ICBI's "Payments International 2015" and an acclaimed painter.



Which companies should showcase at this Forum? 

A DApp

Any company that wants to attract top notch developer talent

Any company that supports the Blockchain eco-system 

Any company that wants to adopt the latest and cutting-edge technology & innovation

Any company that wants to get exposure in European and Indian fintech ecosystem through Fintech Storm's vast networks

A company that wants a platform for dialog with the community of smart contract developers, founders 


Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is interested to learn :

More about the applications of Blockchain

How to benefit from being part of the early ecos-system in Blockchain

How to build a DApp

The latest advances in distributed ledger technologies

How can distributed ledgers solve real word probelms

Technical challenges in coding 

How the applications exist and operate in the real-world 

Typical attendee profile

•     Founders & Entrepreneurs

•     Bitcoin & Blockchain companies that want to showcase at this event

•     Developers

•     Startups looking to hire Blockchain talent

•     Academic Researchers

•     IT professionals and Companies

•     Strategy Consultants

•     Accountants

•     Legal Professionals

•     Financial Professionals, IFA’s

•     Insurance Professionals

•     Brokers, Financial Market Participants 

•     Journalists 

We are committed to creating and connecting the Blockchain Inventor Community in Europe.


Here are some images of our workshops in London. Enjoy!

Come join the Blockchain Revolution ! 




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Vitalik Buterin in India May17 to promote Ethereum Adoption & Community Development

If you are an European Tech company or a Blockchain startup looking to make headway into Asian markets or to strike partnerships or to learn to navigate the Banking, Payments & Fintech landscape (India, Singapore, Hongkong, China), mark your calenders for Blockchain Blockchain India Week 15-20 May 2017 , Mumbai (A week full of conferences , meetups and workshops all over Mumbai and other cities in India) and get in touch with Conclave Chair Person Arifa Khan at arifaatfintechstorm [dot] com to reserve your spot in the European delegation going to India! See details of our previous Europe-India Conclave 2015 at

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