10 Blots on the Digital Media Landscape that Marketers Should Heed

Event Info

Thu 27 Apr, 2017 from 9:00am - 11:00am
Atmosphere c/o PrettyGreen 48–50
St John Street Farringdon
London, EC1M 4DG, UK
Cost: £42


This is a two-hour workshop designed to challenge assumptions and provoke discussion and a healthy scepticism about the attractiveness of the ‘so-called’ digital landscape to marketers.

The workshop will pose 10 provocative thoughts:

  1. Digital media are not revolutionary
  2. Digital marketing is not marketing
  3. Consumer need for engagement is a myth
  4. Digital communications lead to unattractive brand behavior
  5. Digital marketing is obsessed with numbers at the expense of human understanding
  6. Algorithms make erroneous assumptions and limit choice
  7. The internet is facilitating the creation of media monopolies
  8. Social Media works for people not brands
  9. ‘Content’ is predominantly digital landfill at the expense of big brand ideas
  10. The language of digital marketing is inflated, specious and vague

Your facilitator will be Richard Longworth who has spent just shy of 40 years grappling with brands and their creation and communication. Registration and more details can be found HERE.