Women in the tech sector: education, company cultures and business opportunities

Event Info

Tue 9 May, 2017 from 9:00am - 1:00pm
Central London, UK
Cost: £210


Women in the tech sector: education, company cultures and business opportunities

Tuesday, 9th May 2017

Central London




Guest of Honour

Sarah Drinkwater, Head of Campus, London, Google


This seminar will be an opportunity to take stock of progress for increasing the number of women in the field of technology and the further challenges which lie ahead, particularly in light of Brexit.

It takes place as the demand grows for digital skills across all sectors of the economy and as Britain seeks to position itself as a world-leader in emerging technologies such as cyber security, A.I., wearable tech and virtual reality.

Delegates will assess how to overcome the challenges remaining for attracting the interest and developing the skills of younger generations, as well as the professional barriers focusing on the effectiveness of quota systems, mentoring programmes, remote and flexible working initiatives and HR processes in promoting a culture of change.

Sessions will analyse evidence on the benefits for technology product design of women being more involved during the research and development phase, as well as further contributing to new technologies and applications specifically tailored for women. They will also look at investment and collaboration to encourage greater risk-taking in women-led tech startups.

Further discussion will assess what more is needed from Government in terms of policy and funding to accelerate the pace of change in a period of uncertainty as the UK negotiates its withdrawal from the European Union.