Chinwag Live

Chinwag Live Chinwag Live is a series of events founded to cast light on trends in the digital media and marketing industry. Each discussion features a panel of experts and lively discussion from a well-informed audience.

Other Chinwag Live

Join us at Chinwag Live on 10th Oct for the launch of Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion, the new book from award-winning web psychologist Nathalie Nahai, with panel discussion, networking drinks and a chance to buy a signed copy of the book.
Social media is having a profound impact on how corporates interact with their existing and prospective customers. Join us as and our expert panel as we explore the social possibilities of customer service.
With social media marketing now becoming mainstream, we see the move beyond the hype and experimentation to best practices and consolidated learning. And perhaps more importantly businesses are now asking the question - where is the money is in social media?
With Google challenged by new search tools and the growth of ‘social media search’, is this a new era for search? Join in the debate with Google, Mindshare, Betfair and others, chaired by Rob Kerry. Book now for early-bird rates.
As music streaming services take off, will marketers make the jump from radio and pay the bill? Or is it time we paid the piper? Join the debate with Spotify, SoundCloud and Frukt chaired by Steve Bowbrick. Book now for early-bird rates.
Join us as we ask - Is there a future to Free, and where? Are there new opportunities to monetise in the land of Free or in fact does Free no longer make sense?
Shrinking markets and shrinking budgets - just how big will be the blow for online advertising? Join us on 10th February as we discuss the challenges and implications now facing the online advertising industry. Come quiz our panel on where limited ad budgets should now be directed, and how can agencies and brands adapt and survive in 2009.
As 2008 bows out, leading digital practitioners and analysts from the BBC, Weber Shandwick, Profero, BT, The Register and gaze into their crystal balls and predict the future.
With mobile social usage soaring, is ‘mobile access’ enough, or do users seek more? What does the future hold for this most social of devices? Discussion innovations and opportunities with NinetyTen, Moblog, Piczo, Next2Friends, WhatIfInnovation and GoMoNews.
How are we measuring our return on social media engagement? Debate the issues at our E Commerce Expo lunchtime panel session with Nielsen Online, We Are Social, Techlightenment, Wolfstar, Dare and more...