Are search and location based services going places?

Location and geolocation technologies might sound boring to the novice, but they're fuelling a raft of bold new web and mobile services with a social and locative flavour that are setting media and technology trendwatchers alight with excitement.

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Digital Mission to NYC in map form

The preparations for Digital Mission to New York continue apace. There'll be lots of handy information when the Digital Mission companies get to New York, but to help with planning, the lovely Aoife has been working her magic with Google Maps. The map below shows the main venues (so far).

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Captcha No More

Since I wrote about my sweary run-in with Captchas - those squiggly things at the bottom of forms that can only easily be read after too much coffee/beer - a week or so ago, I've been paying more attention to this technology.

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Moving offices...and involving everyone

Creating a great environment to work in may not be viewed as an important factor to engage your talent but its been one of my many priorities over the past year during our office move (in addition to the day job of course). 

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Cussed by Captcha

Spam is still a pervasive issue and judging by a recent debate on the uk-netmarketing email discussion forum highlighted the problem isn't just a plague on inboxes, competition forms, surveys and any other web form is a target.

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Crunch immunity for digital biz?

personality.jpgThe Digital Pulse for July has just been published, showing an increase of 1.14% increase over June. That’s right, an increase in market confidence. Only small, but it’s there. The Digital Pulse is Chinwag's barometer of confidence across the digital sector.

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Digital Pulse for July 2008

Digital Pulse indices
Digital Pulse: 
Current Index: 
6 month Index: 
Employment Index: 
Move Jobs Index: 
Salary Index: 
Current Confidence Index: 
Future Confidence Index: 
The digital sector looks to continue a rebound in confidence with the Digital Pulse rising by 1.14% from June to 124.4. The second month in a row that the index has risen. Across the indices there's a small but sustained increase in confidence both in current market conditions and those in six months' time. In the face of this increased confidence in business, satisfaction with salaries has decreased however by 4.51% from June, perhaps prompted by rising costs.

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"How can I protect my idea?"

So someone asks - "how can I protect my idea?"

Someone else says "put it in an envelope and post it to yourself."

Someone responds that that does nothing and is useless.

What is the reality?

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