Digital Mission New York 08 finalists revealed

Now the judging is over, we're hugely pleased to announce which UK companies will be going on the Digital Mission to New York and the Web 2.0 Expo next month from 14th-19th September...

B View -

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Cuil and the heated debate

You will no doubt have seen the launch of Cuil last week, but have you seen the volume and intensity of [mainly negative] commentary surrounding it? I published an article on the Cheeze blog, outlining five reasons why Cuil could be the future of search. Within minutes we had many comments, all berating Cuil for its lack of size, its struggle with uptime and it's look and feel.

Other bloggers went as far as calling Cuil 'liars' [the bloggers' words not mine] whilst many articles covered the negatives.

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Mobile and online publishing feeling the crunch

‘BANK CRASH PROFIT FEARS’ yelled the headline on the Evening Standard news-stand as I passed by the newsagents at lunchtime today.

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Digital Mission companies coming soon...

2234809424_a240d74a0d_m.jpgLike any good web project, it always takes a fraction longer than you think it's going to.

The judging process is now over and the team are beavering away contacting the successful companies. With a bit of luck, a following wind and some fast and furious email activity the official list of successful Digital Mission companies will be released tomorrow.

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Digital Pulse Analysis April-June 2008



Digital Pulse is a confidence index for the digital industry, reflecting the degree of optimism or pessimism that people working in digital media feel about the industry. It is designed to find out how industry professionals are feeling, how they perceive the current digital business climate, salary conditions and their views on what it’ll be like in 6 months time.

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Google launches Knol, but sacrifices quality?

Knol, Google's Wikipedia beater has been in beta since December 2007. Last week we saw the wrapping come off and Knol opening up to accept new content entries. Knol, short for Knowledge, is on a steep slope to compete with Wikipedia. With 9.2 million UK users [according to Nielson], even with Google's size, trying to achieve over 8bn articles [and counting at Wikipedia] will take some time.

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Digital Mission Judgement Day

Piles of applications ready for the advisory board's verdictOK, so it's probably time I caged my inner drama queen, but that shouldn't detract from a very important day in the build-up to the Digital Mission to NYC. Judgement day, of sorts.

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