How-to Kit: Tweaking Your Site's Copy to Get More Search Engine Traffic


Learn how to tweak your Web site's current text-copy so that search engines send you more traffic. Includes tips on picking the right keywords to optimize for (most marketers make mistakes at this.) Get entire kit - or buy parts separately...

Now, find out how you can simply tweak the copywriting -- the visible text content -- on your Web site to get more traffic from search engines. You'll learn:

  • How small wording changes on your home page and other site pages can have a significant impact for site traffic.
  • How to add more keywords to copy without sounding "forced" or posting lists of terms that bore human visitors (and may not work with Google's Florida Update.)
  • How to decide which terms to optimize for so you're getting decent traffic and beating the competition.

Key: You'll learn how to get your site to show up in search listings for many words and phrases that surfers use when they are looking -- and not just your brand name. You need to be everywhere they are looking.

The great thing about the gains you'll make is that the traffic is free. Your copywriting tweaks can help your site's "organic" (natural) listings. There is no charge per click for this traffic.

Plus, remember that 85% of searchers prefer to click on organic listings instead of paid listings. So your organic listings may be worth a great deal more than a paid ad ever will be.

MarketingSherpa's Practical How-to Kit includes:

Report #1: The Nitty-Gritty Guide of Writing for Search Engines

First, learn the basics from this 27-page high-impact guide. There's no fluff -- just step-by-step instructions plus 12 inspirational before-and-after examples. You'll learn:

  • How to alter your headlines slightly to get more search engine traffic.
  • The maximum number of phrases you should attempt to bring to a search engine's attention per page (it's smaller than you may think).
  • How to copywrite your "Frequently Asked Questions" and "About Us" site sections for more traffic.
  • Why you should never use non-descriptive phrases such as "our products" or "our services" on your site.

Report #2: How to Increase Keyword Saturation Without Destroying the Flow of Your Copy

It's very hard to mix the art of great copywriting and great search engine writing. That's why so many "optimized" sites sound stiff and forced (or you see lists of keywords that have no purpose for the human visitor).

Created by copywriting trainer Karon Thackston, the Keyword Saturation report features 11 legal, proven, search engine friendly strategies you can put into action to boost keyword saturation and immediately improve your site copy -- for human as well as search engine robot visitors.

Plus, includes step-by-step copy examples from real, working sites to help you easily implement these 11 tactics into your own copy.

Report #3 + Audio CDs:Copywriting Tweaks to Maximize Your Search Engine Traffic, Transcript: 19 Sites Critiqued

More than 100 marketing directors paid $149 each to get their toughest questions answered at MarketingSherpa's Copywriting Tweaks teleseminar in December 2003. Now you can learn everything they learned, for a fraction of the cost.

Includes answers to real-life marketers' search engine copywriting questions such as:

  • What's the #1 way to improve search engine rankings?
  • How can I find more great keywords to optimize for?
  • Am I optimizing for the wrong keywords?
  • What if my site's mostly graphics?
  • How can Canadian sites get better rankings?
  • Should we use many domains and subdomains or one main URL?
  • How can we optimize our home page when it has to cover many different topics instead of being highly focused?

Plus, also features screenshots and expert critiques of 19 attendees' sites -- whose problems probably duplicate your own:

How search copywriting differs from regular copywriting

To be completely accurate, search copywriting is actually not copywriting at all -- it's copy-editing. You simply take your regular marketing copy (as well as any other text content on your site) and tweak it a bit. The key lies in picking the best terms to tweak for -- and then adding them to your copy so it's enhanced, not stilted.

Why this Kit will help you, even if you already have an optimization firm or in-house expert working on your site…

Even if you have a search optimization firm or in-house expert, chances are they are not reviewing every single new piece of writing before it's added to your site. It would create a terrible bottleneck.

Think about it -- your product descriptions, press releases, customer service instructions, technical specs, etc. -- every piece of text-content on your site can and should be tweaked for optimization. Which probably means you'll need to train everyone in-house who writes for your site.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us for a full refund immediately.

Note: Optimization training costs, on average, $1000 per day plus travel expenses. While we highly recommend that very content-heavy sites hire trainers, you probably should get our low-cost How-to Kit to learn the basics first.