Press Releases From Hell & How to Fix Them (Examples, Not Theory) 2nd Expanded Edition


Learn how to improve your press releases the easy way -- by reviewing 12 before-and-after examples of typical bad releases that are radically rewritten by an expert. Includes b-to-b, high-tech, and "no news" PR; plus, tips on email pitches that work.

Most press releases stink. The average journalist gets 250-500 press releases a day via email, mail, and the wire services. They trash 80% immediately, skim-and-trash 18%, and maybe contact 2% to write a story.

Now, find out how you can change your releases so you are more likely to get into the coveted 2% must-read category.

In Press Releases From Hell: How to Fix Them publicity expert BL Ochman reveals the secrets she's used to help clients including Ford Motors, IBM, & Thomas Register. You'll learn how to:

  • Turn a rambling, 708-word traditional release into a crisp, clear 114-word media alert that gives editors several story angles to pursue.
  • Write an email pitch letter that makes you a ready-for-prime-time interview subject.
  • Convert a downright dull release about a new product into a compelling email pitch letter.
  • Find the real hook for your story and state it in 40 words or less. (This is possibly the hardest thing any PR person can do -- once you have that skill nailed, you own the world.)
  • Create a trend story out of a company history.
  • Find the news angle in any company, even when there's "no news."
  • Learn the words that turn journalists off.
  • Make journalists want to call you.

Your goal is to make your story pitch stand out in an editors' crowded inboxes, and to write releases, emails and media alerts that get results.

Learn quickly and easily via real-life examples

Instead filling pages with long boring expositions about what to do, BL Ochman makes learning how to rewrite a press release simple and fun.

She's collected 15 typical bad press releases (that will no doubt look familiar in style to many release writers.) You can see her comments on what's wrong with each. Then you can see exactly how the release is rewritten -- fixed for a much more powerful impact.

It's kind of like seeing before-and-after dieting pictures. Only, these are real-life examples you can put to use for your own PR right away.

Yes, a full range of b-to-b and b-to-c examples are included.

100% money-back guaranteed

Before you spend $80-$800 or more sending out your next release on the wires, quickly check Press Releases From Hell to see if you can tweak your release to make it better.

It's only 48-pages long, so the PDF won't overwhelm your printer. But those 48-pages are worth every dime if you can improve just one release so more reporters pay attention to it.

"Super-simple, quick and to the point. It's hard to imagine why anyone who is about to send out a press release wouldn't want to read this booklet first."
Seth Godin
Author Purple Cow

"It is a smart rethinking of some old and tired publicity tactics. The suggestions regarding contacting journalists and reworking the traditional press release so that it's effective in e-mail format were particularly on target."
Ellen Neuborne

"The examples of press releases 'before and after' applying Reality PR principles are worth their weight in gold. As a guide or rule book for someone planning to promote their business online, by harnessing the ever growing and constantly changing medium of the Internet, nothing comes close to this fantastic book."
Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian, MD
Author The Emotion Prism
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