Words That Work: Copywriting to Sell to CEOs, CFOs & CIOs; Copywriting to Sell Entrepreneurs


Stop! Before you write any marketing copy, sales presentations, email or ads to impress CEOs, first find out what trigger words and phrases will work. And which "sales-killer" words to avoid in your copy. Critical for lead gen and sales campaigns.

Is your company trying to sell products or services to CEOs, CFOs, CIOs or entrepreneurs? Now there are copywriting guides to help you:

  • Write headlines for email, direct mail, PowerPoint slides, ads, and Web sites that galvanize C-level execs' attention ... so you can generate more leads and close more sales
  • AVOID words you think are "great copy" that actually make your sales prospects flinch
  • Make your prices seem like a true bargain - even if they're higher than the competition's

    First, understand the psychology of company leaders ... what motivates and what scares them:

You can write incredibly powerful copy only when you can get right inside your prospect's head to understand what motivates and what worries him or her. That's why Words That Work Guide starts with an easy-to-scan psychological profiles of your prospect, plus a words and phrases list for copywriting to them.

CEOs are not all alike - for example words that impress leaders with tech backgrounds might turn off CEOs with financial backgrounds - that's why Copywriting to CEOs gives you separate profiles and words lists for:

  • CEOs with General Backgrounds
  • CEOs with Financial Backgrounds
  • CEOs with Engineering Backgrounds
  • CEOs with Operations Backgrounds
  • Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs)

Plus, entrepreneurs are utterly, completely different psychologically from CEOs of established companies. Your copywriting also has to be very different for this demographic - or you'll lose the sale. Period.

That's why Words That Work: Copywriting to Entrepreneurs guide includes separate profiles and words lists for:

  • Entrepreneurs with General Backgrounds
  • Entrepreneurs with Financial Backgrounds
  • Entrepreneurs with Engineering Backgrounds
  • Entrepreneurs with Operations Backgrounds
  • Franchisees and Potential Franchisees

Now you can get the insights and powerful copy points from focus groups -- at a tiny fraction of the cost of holding focus groups yourself.

How to make your price (no matter what it is) feel like a "true bargain" to your prospects:

Your sales prospects are incredibly price sensitive these days - their boards, shareholders, and CFOs are breathing down their necks to save money, spend less, and take zero financial risks.

So, Words That Work includes specific copywriting tips, tactics and phrasing that makes your pricing seem like a true bargain. Instead of fixating on your price tag, your prospects will see your unique benefits. They'll understand why your product or service is well worth the money -- even if your prices are higher than the competition's.

Plus, you'll learn how to include key unique benefits in your copy -- not just features, tech specs and descriptions of what you're selling but the powerful reasons why your prospects should select your product or service. (Note: This is especially useful for high tech marketers.)

Find out which words to Avoid-At-All-Costs in your copywriting. (Note: These can be very different words depending on your target demographic)

Copywriting is risky because words that you personally find appealing can have the exact opposite effect on your prospects. For example, you should never ever use the following words when copywriting to typical CEOs:

  • Revolutionary
  • New
  • Play to win

And, you'll definitely lose sales if you use these words in your copywriting to typical entrepreneurial leaders:

  • Growth
  • Profitability
  • Sophisticated

Get lists of dozens more words and phrases that you need to avoid (and find out why they are so dangerous) for CFOs, CIOs, and different types of entrepreneurs from Words That Work. In fact, you'll probably begin revising your current sales copy within minutes after you get your copy of these Guides.

Learn how to use the most powerful words in your actual sales copy, direct mail letters and advertisements

The best thing about Words That Work guides is you can use them to take action right away. They are easy to skim. Simply print them out and glance over them for a few minutes.

Each Guide features useful examples of sales letters and advertising copy showing how you can put suggested words into action right away.

Then print out your current Web site home page, PowerPoint slides, email campaign ... any critical marketing materials you have on hand ... and take a red pen to them. You'll find yourself quickly slashing and editing.

Most important - glance over your headlines and email subject lines (80% of your sales prospects never read beyond your headline) and use Words That Work to make fast wording replacements that double or triple the power of the entire ad or letter.

Later, as you develop new marketing materials throughout the year, keep Words That Work by your side to inspire and guide you.

Words That Work guides are 100% money-back guaranteed

We guarantee that you will be able to quickly and easily improve your copywriting to influence, impress and sell to CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and entrepreneurs. This market research is invaluable for any business-to-business copywriter.

Improve your direct mail packages ... web site home pages ... lead generation campaigns ... trade show booth displays and handouts ... replies to RFPs ... brochures ... space ads in magazines ... article headlines and topics in your email newsletter to CEOs ... press releases ... product demos ... PowerPoint slides ... you name it.