Usability and Accessibility Buyer's Guide 2007



Authors: Linus Gregoriadis and Richard Maven (E-consultancy)


  • 241 pages
  • 9 sections
  • 23 supplier profiles
  • Market value and trends
  • SWOT analysis
  • Return on investment benefits
  • Tips and pitfalls for buyers
  • At-a-glance matrix showing supplier services
  • Table showing agencies' areas of focus
  • Section on related technologies and services

About this Guide

E-consultancy's Usability and Accessibility Buyer’s Guide 2007 is aimed at companies who are interested in researching the usability and accessibility markets and the leading providers of services. The report contains information about market trends and advice about how to find the right supplier. There is also information about pricing models and costs, and a SWOT analysis to build your understanding of this sector.


The buyer's guide contains 23 detailed profiles of suppliers with accompanying market positioning charts for each company. The agencies / consultancies profiled are:
  • AbilityNet
  • Amberlight
  • Bunnyfoot
  • CADinteractive
  • Clearleft
  • Effortmark
  • Elemental Creative
  • fhios
  • Flow Interactive
  • Foolproof
  • Foviance
  • Human Factors Europe
  • Nomensa
  • Optimum.web
  • Serco Usabilty Services
  • System Concepts
  • The Usability Lab
  • Usability by Design
  • UsabilityWorks
  • User Vision
  • Userfocus
  • Webcredible
  • Web Usability Partnership
Trends within this market include:
  • Increased competition in online marketing drives investment in usability.
  • Awareness of the importance of usability moves beyond the web.
  • More organisations embrace user-centred design.
  • Accessibility becomes 'hygiene factor' rather than separate discipline.
  • Greater competition impacts on pricing.