Managing an E-commerce Team: Integrating Digital Marketing into your Organisation


As the importance of digital media in influencing and supporting purchase increases, companies face many new management challenges to integrate E-commerce and digital marketing into their marketing activities.

This interview and survey-based research report assesses for a range of medium to large UK organisations:

  • Common issues and challenges faced by managers responsible for digital marketing
  • Different strategies and best practice approaches to meet these challenges
  • Practical solutions to these challenges
  • A typical stage model of development in E-commerce capability
Two signifcant outputs included in the full report are:
  • A 5 stage capability maturity model for E-commerce has been defined which enables organisations to benchmark their E-commerce capability with other organisations
  • 20 best practice recommendations have been identified with detailed checklists of approaches to consider
Other key questions answered include:
  • How important is E-commerce as a channel now, and in 5 years?
  • What is the potential for capability improvements?
  • How is E-commerce organisationally located and controlled?
  • How should you structure an digital marketing team?
  • How do companies plan for E-commerce?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing E-commerce managers?
  • How much do companies spend on E-commerce as a % of their marcomms budgets?