Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks 2006


What do online, offline and multichannel retailers need to know about the consumer internet habits in? Is there such as thing as “E-commerce 2.0”?

We feel that Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks 2006 is another groundbreaking study that e-tailers around the world should read and digest, before making the necessary changes to improve their websites. The result should be increased conversion rates and happier repeat customers. So what’s included in this 82-page report?

We look at the following areas in detail, using examples from existing online retail websites to explain how things might be improved:

- In the Mind of the Customer
- The Purchase Decision
- Purchase Dispositions and Purchase Inertia
- Triggers and Tactics
- Purchase Momentum
- Transactional Trust
- In the Mind of the Customer – Conclusions
- In the Mind of the Customer - Recommendations
- Where are we now?
- The Redemption of Search
- The Home Page
- Confusion Zones in the Navigation of Online Retail Sites
- Where are we now - Recommendations
- The ‘Help Me Buy’ Journey
- Product-Specific Landing Pages
- Product-Specific Landing Pages - Recommendations
- The ‘Help Me Choose’ Journey
- Product Category Landing Pages
- The Importance of Search-Driven Traffic
- Product Category Landing Pages - Recommendations
- Feature Filtering
- Feature Definition
- Feature Presentation
- Feature Validity
- Visible Narrowing of Product Sets
- Navigation Pathways
- Integrating Search with Feature Filtering
- Limitations of Feature Filtering
- Feature Filtering - Recommendations
- Horizon Scanning
- What is Web 2.0 and Why is it Important?
- E-Commerce 2.0
- E-Commerce 2.0 – Unbundled
- E-Commerce = Empirical-Commerce
- The Semantic Shop
- Moving the Web from a Place to a State
- Design Patterns
- Horizon Scanning - Recommendations

Written by Dr Mike Baxter, one of the world’s top online retail thought-leaders, the report should provide plenty of food for thought for internet retailers, or any company involved in e-commerce.