Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Best Practice Guide 2007


This comprehensive SEO Best Practice Guide will help you understand search marketing like never before! At over 200 pages, it contains everything you need to know about search engine optimization, whether you work for an in-house client team or for an agency. The SEO Best Practice Guide is invaluable for anybody working in internet marketing, or looking to appoint an SEO agency, or simply trying to secure better Google rankings.

Why you need this guide to SEO…

Only 16% of search engine marketing budget is allocated to organic search. Why? Well, paid-search is easier for marketers to understand, and it is often the lowest hanging fruit for companies new to internet marketing. The trouble is, paid-search costs money each time somebody visits your website, and click costs are rising in many sectors…

Remember that consumers and businesses are increasingly using Google, Yahoo and MSN to search for products, services and brands. You need a high level of visibility, especially for brand-related searches. This guide has been created to help you ethically boost your search rankings.

Search engines power many internet journeys that culminate in a lead or sale, and top organic listings generate much more traffic than the top sponsored listings, regardless of how much you pay per click.

For these reasons, and many others, we think you need to start focusing on organic search. We created this guide to provide you with a one-stop shop for SEO tips and SEO tools.

So is it time to rethink your search marketing strategy?


Key topics to improve your results from SEO

- Techniques for advanced keyphrase analysis
- Developing an integrated search engine marketing strategy across paid and natural search
- Improve your page inclusion and reporting using Google Sitemaps
- Detailed coverage of on-page optimization factors including document meta data, copywriting and code structure explaining the factors which really matter.
- How to increase your click-through rate in the search engine results page
- 10 complementary SEO strategies for refining site architecture
- How to plan and execute a link-building campaign
- 10 key factors to improve landing page effectiveness

Your search engine optimization toolkit

- Detailed instructions on how to apply 70 positive ranking factors rated for importance
- 50 key recommendations to assess your current practice
- 50 quick win tips to improve your position
- Links to the best free and paid SEO resources on the web
- SEO glossary
- 5 page guide for content owners showing how marketing staff can apply simple rules to improve results from pages they create and maintain.
- Detailed Request for Proposals template showing how to get the most from a search marketing agency when tendering for a new agency.

Who this Guide is For

If you work in any one of these positions then this SEO guide will add various feathers to your search marketing cap…

- Marketing director / manager
- Internet entrepreneur
- E-commerce director
- Internet marketing manager
- Strategists
- Web developer / designer
- Production manager
- Account manager
- Copywriter