On The Edge London

On The Edge is the one-day conference & networking event for marketing, communications and creative professionals hosting marketing’s leading speakers in an event designed to push the boundaries

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Date: 21 June 2012
Location: Congress Centre, UK

What do Facebook’s biggest changes mean for your business?


Just over a week ago, we (Neoco) were invited to speak at the Chinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing conference on 6th October 2011. We shared our predictions with delegates from around the country, explaining what Facebook’s latest and most radical changes to date (first announced at the f8 conference on 23rdSeptember) mean for marketers and business.

Other panelists that supported our talk included senior members from We Are Social, Wieden+Kennedy and 1000heads. Have look at some of the insight we shared at the conference looking at the opportunities and potential threats that face your brand when Facebook’s developments are rolled out to all users this month.

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Cookiepocalypse: Implementing New Law Drops Use by 90%

ICO website traffic impact of cookie opt in by Vicky Brock

Update: Cookiepocalypse is over (possibly). The ICO have updated their advice, suggesting implied consent is sufficient for users. Read more

This one is going to run and run. I'm predicting that anyone in digital is going to be an expert in cookies by the end of the Summer. And not the nice baked versions either, sadly.

Imagine a 90% drop in website visitors that are willing to accept a cookie from your website. be tracked through your analytics tool? Or your advertising targeting? Or your third party shopping basket? Ouch.

That's what happened with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) implemented the new law with existing technology, over 90% of site visitors declined to accept a Google Analytics cookie, thereby disappearing from their analytics.

Whilst the powers-that-be have allowed a year for industry to figure out a way to implement the new 'daft by European standards' cookie law, its impact is dramatic, as illustrated by the graphs obtained by leading web analytics expert, Vicky Brock (@brockyvick), under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

UPDATE: Vicky has kindly shared the raw data from the FOI request if anyone fancies a spot of number-crunching.

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IAB UK: Statstock - A festival of stats

A festival of stats and metrics! Statstock will showcase the latest online measurement and research techniques that can help advertisers make sense of an increasingly complex online world.

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Date: 12 May 2011
Location: IAB UK, UK

Search engine optimisation (SEO) Training (Intermediate)

Grow your business and increase website traffic by getting ahead in the search rankings.

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Date: 16 March 2011
Location: etc Venues, UK

The Facebook Friend Map of the World

Infographic of the Day: The Facebook Map of the World by Paul Butler

Q: What happens when you let an intern loose with 10m lines of data and some processing power?

A: In the case of Paul Butler an intern with Facebook's data infrastructure engineering team, something rather special.

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Web Analytics Wednesday

Web Analytics Wednesday is the world's only distributed networking event for web analytics professionals. Open to everyone, practitioners and vendors alike, Web Analytics Wednesday is a free event allowing you to meet people with similar work interests.

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Date: 27 October 2010
Location: Bluu, UK

Google Analytics 101

A key part of success online is how well you use website Analytics. Without reliable visitor information reports from which you can draw real insights, you’re literally running your website in the dark.

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Date: 15 March 2011
Location: Walmar House, UK

Google Analytics 201

This is the follow-up to our Google Analytics Introduction course, and focuses more on technical implementation and configuration. If you are going to use Google Analytics data to make changes to your business, you need to make sure that data is accurate.

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Date: 16 March 2011
Location: Walmar House, UK

B2B Marketing's 2nd Annual Conference 'A brave new world: Digital marketing in the 21st century'

An intensive one-day conference that explores the digital age exploring which channels to adopt into your strategy? How can you pull out the best marketing tools from the ones which may be a passing fad? And how can you integrate them into your existing plans so you can continue to drive leads and grow sales?

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Date: 11 November 2010
Location: Dexter House, UK

Web Analytics Wednesday

Web Analytics Wednesday is the world's only distributed networking event for web analytics professionals. Open to everyone, practitioners and vendors alike, Web Analytics Wednesday is a free event allowing you to meet people with similar work interests.

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Date: 14 July 2010
Location: Bluu London, UK

eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Washington DC 2010

Tools and techniques to streamline customer acquisition, conversion and retention to Make More, Spend Less and Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Date: 3 October 2010
Location: Sheraton National Hotel, US

eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Paris 2010

C’est à eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, à Paris, que se rencontreront les grands acteurs de l´optimisation marketing, les leaders d´opinion, les analystes de marché et les utilisateurs.

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Date: 15 June 2010
Location: Hilton Arc de Triomphe, FR

eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit London 2010

Marketing managers, web analysts and business intelligence experts have been meeting at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit since 2002 to learn how to increase the return on online investments. It's your turn to join the discussion.

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Date: 17 May 2010
Location: Grand Connaught Rooms, UK

eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit SAN JOSE 2010

Digital Marketing Success Social Media Metrics * The most insightful thought leaders * The most up-to-date tools and techniques * The most compelling face-to-face networking * The most current best practices and lessons learned * The most thought provoking subject matter

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Date: 3 May 2010
Location: The Fairmont San Jose, US