SMW13. The Stats [Infographic]

Most Social SMW Cities

Social Media Week, powered globablly by Nokia, gets bigger every year and we have the stats to prove it.

Founders and global organisers Crowdcentric, with the help of Beyond, Meltwater and UberVU have created this amazing inforgraphic to share what happened.

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MobX Conference 2011 / Mobile Experience Design & Usability

We are happy to announce a discount for the Chinwag community of 60 Euros (82 Dollars). Enter the promo code: MobX_Chinwag MobX Conference 2011 Mobile Experience Design & Usability: Meet the Experts! Workshops: Nov 17, 2011 Conference: Nov 18, 2011 Location: Berlin Promo code: “MobX_Chinwag” Must-attend factor: Hot!

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Date: 18 November 2011
Location: Heimathafen Neukölln, DE

Digital Deutschland: CIKTN Announces One-Day Startup Event in Berlin

by smcde

In Chinwag's recent Digital Mission survey looking at which global opportunities were tempting the UK's digital firms, Germany featured 4th on the list.

Update: Panel line-up and Berline startups announced. Just one travel bursary left. See below.

For those digital firms interested in this market, Creative Industries KTN (CIKTN) and Berlin Brandenburg Medianet have announced a one-day session in Berlin to introduce firms to the local market, meeting with startups and local businesses who will provide mentoring support.

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