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Speed mentoring: Business Essentials for growth

A free speed-mentoring event will be taking place in the Business & IP Centre . Get bespoke face-to-face advice from business experts about all aspects of how to grow your business.

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Date: 21 November 2013
Location: Business & IP Centre, UK

What The New Flickr Redesign Taught Us

New Flickr Design

It was a long time coming, but photo sharing website Flickr finally unveiled a new look. But for a brand that grew from developing a loyal community, it has been divisive.

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Snap Up a New Following

Snapchat Logo

With its popularity continuing to boom, its no surprise that Snapchat – the phone app for sharing one-off, self-destructing photos and videos with friends – has piqued the attention of a few social marketing strategists.

Car manufacturer Acura recently sent out an exclusive six-second clip of their new prototype vehicle to the lucky first 100 followers of their account, a move sure to bag them (and Snapchat) a few more clicks. But does a platform defined by its short attention span represent a viable and sustainable avenue for business to consumer engagement?

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Supercharge Growth with the Right Brand Story

MSL London is holding a free event, Supercharge Growth with the Right Brand Story, to help business decision-makers develop their company’s communications strategy and cut above the noise of their competitors.

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Date: 7 March 2013
Location: The Covent Garden Hotel, UK

Developing a Digital Strategy in a Social World hosted by Chinwag

Digital media has gone through more revolutions in the last decade than other forms of media have experienced across their lifetimes. From web 2.0 to commoditisation of display advertising to sweeping changes of social media. How do the world's leading digital strategists handle the brand challenges? Join our expert panel for this discussion.

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Date: 26 September 2012
Location: SMWLDN Advertising & Marketing Hub @ Facebook, UK