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Which $Billion Tech Giants Are Profitable? Fewer Than You Think [infographic]

Which tech giants are profitable?

Twitter's successful IPO values the company in the billions before it turns a profit. Nothing new here for a tech stock, although unsurprisingly there's plenty of commentary.

Pandodaily writer David Holmes posted an infographic that analyses 12 of the leading tech firms and their profitability over the last 10 quarters. Only half at any quarter are profitable.

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Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network announce the ‘Leap Day Business Challenge’ as part of Social Media Week

Gibbon by Jon Kime

Use your leap day to review your business model!

The Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network (CI KTN) today challenged UK businesses to use February 29th to review their business model. The ‘Leap Day Business Challenge’ will be launched at the CI KTN’s event - The DNA of a Company: How social media is impacting business models.

“We’re extremely excited about the potential this challenge could unleash,” says Mel Norman, Theme Champion for Business Models and Growth at the CI KTN. “It’s aimed at company owners and CEOs who are running successful businesses, but who would like to stay ahead of the curve to secure their future. It’s sometimes hard when you’re focused on the day-to-day running of your company, to make time to review the way you’re doing business but in light of current technology disruptions, it could really add value.”

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Introduction to Cross Media Content

This course is for media professionals who feel that they really must learn about cross media/platform but simply haven't had the time and now need a fast catch up course to ensure that they keep pace with a fast moving industry. It will help participants to understand the convergence of different media formats and platforms.

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Date: 22 November 2010
Location: Ravensbourne, UK

Business and Innovation - a two day practical workshop for media and digital companies

Build your business strategy and create new opportunities - a two day practical workshop for media and digital companies This workshop is run in partnership with Chinwag.

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Date: 27 July 2010
Location: 01zero-one, UK

How to sell your multi platform content - a one day interactive workshop for TV and Digital Media Professionals

How to sell your multi platform content - a one day interactive workshop for TV and Digital Media Professionals 29th July at 01zero-one, Soho London. Bursary for TV and digital media freelancers available from Skillset. Can you make money from your multi platform content?

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Date: 29 July 2010
Location: 01zero-one, UK

How To Sell Your Multi-Platform Content (London)

London: How to sell your multi-platform content: Media-sauce, Own–it and Skillset are offering a limited opportunity for digital media professionals to participate in a 1 day intensive, workshop which will show you different ways to exploit your content. This workshop will be run by media lawyers and professionals.

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Date: 25 March 2010
Location: 01zero-one, UK

paidContent 2010

The momentum for change is growing as the topic of paid content has come full circle. On February 19th, we will be bringing this debate to you live with our first namesake conference, paidContent 2010, in New York City.

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Date: 19 February 2010
Location: The TimesCenter, US

How To Sell Your Multi-Platform Content Globally. Uncover The Cash You Never Knew You Had!

Are you surviving? But want to thrive? You know how to create content but do you know how to sell it effectively? This workshop from Media sauce, Own -it and Skillset will look at how you can exploit your IP rights globally and across multiple platforms from traditional broadcast to mobile devices.

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Date: 17 February 2010
Location: Manchester Digital Development Agency, UK

Mobile May Fund Twitter

Twitter. 08 July. by Gustav H - Twitter investor has hinted at charging for mobile as the future of Twitter.

Joi Ito, an investor in microblogging site Twitter, has hinted that he sees the future of the site's profitability in charging for mobile use.

This has been added to by co-founder Biz Stone's announcement that Twitter will not start using ads this year and that immediate goals were to improve the search function and create a paid-for commercial account.

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Facebook reckoning Part 1: global expansion route

In the UK it’s more common today to have a Facebook application than it is to have a dog. But it’s into the global arena that its expansion plans have now moved.

With 65 billion page views per month, on average people spend 20 minutes a day on the site, plus it’s the number one photo-sharing site on the web.

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ME-003: Landing Page Optimization for Subscriptions

You’ll learn proven techniques including:
  • How to prioritize messages and optimize your own landing pages
  • How to develop a motivating value proposition
  • How to reduce friction and motivate page visitors to move forward and take action

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