HackerNest London July Tech Social

HackerNest Tech Socials are a fun, relaxed way to connect with your local tech community. Atmosphere: chill, friendly, unpretentious, agenda-free (no sales pitch), and brimming with Ultra Smart People. Join us at OVH in July for a great night!

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Date: 4 July 2017
Location: OVH London, UK

Russel Winder's Python Workshop

If you are a relatively experienced programmer, but have not worked iwth Python before, this Python course will provide you with a thorough grounding.

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Date: 31 October 2012
Location: MWB Business Exchange, UK

Russell Winder Python Workshop

You will learn how to: Use the basics of the Python language Apply Testing strategies and understand the rationale of these Apply Concurrency and Parellism

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Date: 13 February 2012
Location: The Skills Matter eXchange, UK