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Chinwag's Practical Guide to Internships: An Introduction

Gordon: chinwag's first tech internThe benefits of having an intern are numerous. It’s not just cheap labour and someone to make the tea.

Many organisations are reaping the rewards that come with an internship and a skilled graduate.

It was a case of unknown territory when Chinwag took on Gregory, our first tech intern. It took time and effort to get him started, but the investment paid off and the work he did was invaluable.

So, in the sprit of this, we’ve created a series of blog posts, from an employer's perspective, that aim to cover everything you need to know about offering an internship.

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ASDA fights back at employee abuse on YouTube

ASDA employee

After video clips of a store employee running riot in corriders, staff rooms and damaging stock were posted on YouTube the ASDA fought back with some damage limitation, social media style.

Clips showed My Ayub, employee of the ASDA Fulwood store, licking and stamping on a raw chicken and putting it back on the shelf for customers to buy, he set off fire alarms and cut other employees clothes.

In retaliation employees from ASDA Fulwood branch posted their responses to his YouTube carnage online. The staff members featured in the comeback video look genuinely upset and called for, 

"the person involved to get what's coming to them."

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BBC Placements for Grads in the North West

Snow by r.j.wagnerHot on the heels of the digital placement program, news reaches us of another initiative in the North West for recent graduates looking for careers in the interesting world where new media meets TV and radio, North West b.TWEEN TV Platforms.

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Chinwag Jobs Digital Skills Survey 2007 Report



Is there a dearth of candidates in the digital industry? Is it hindering the growth of the sector? And what do employers, recruitment consultants and HR professionals think is going to happen this year?

Chinwag Jobs undertook a survey in late 2007 to investigate the digital staffing space and the industry's view of 2008. This report details the findings.

Chinwwag Jobs Skills Survey 2007 Report - Download as a PDF fileThis report is also available to download as a PDF (2.5Mb).
Registration required (it's free though).

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Talent Shortages Blight Digital Sector

After lots of conversations with candidates and employers using Chinwag Jobs during 2007, it appeared that a dearth of high calibre candidates was causing headaches to many companies across the digital media sector. To get a fuller picture of the situation, the Chinwag Jobs Digital Skills Survey 2007 was undertaken in December 2007 and with over 200 respondents, a clearer view emerged.

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Chinwag Jobs Digital Skills Survey 2007 Report Download

Thanks for the information.

Please use this link to download the PDF version of the Chinwag Jobs Chinwag Jobs Digital Skills  Survey 2007 Report. It's approx. 2.5Mb.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Chinwag Live: Skills Emergency

As the skills shortage worsens, what can we do to ensure the UK remains a global hub for digital media? Chinwag Live brings together intiatives and ideas in an open panel and community debate...

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Date: 29 January 2008
Location: The Slug & Lettuce (Downstairs), UK