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Webinar: How Social Media Activity Predicts Concert Ticket Sales

We explored the extent to which social media works as a key driver of awareness of a concert and whether it provides a way and a measure to predict tickets sales.

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Date: 25 September 2014
Location: online webinar, UK

Passing the Soap on Social Media


I've blogged before about the importance of realism in social media - the fundamental requirement to define your audience and aim for multi-channel benefits that can be measured at board level. To move towards this goal, take inspiration from entrepreneurs.

When combining channels including broadcast advertising, SEO, PR and social, brand owners face challenges in terms of preparation and control. With these on the whiteboard for the year ahead, I took notes from Ian Monk, founder of whose company recently launched a combined digital drive, following venture capital investment in excess of £10m.

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Virtual Community Summit 2013

VirComm is the UK’s first and only conference dedicated to Community Management. Attend VirComm to; Stay up-to-date with the latest thinking and best practice in the Community Management profession, gain insights from peers through networking, grow your community and leverage its many benefits, and connect with established experts.

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Date: 7 February 2013
Location: TBC, UK