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Media Matters

Media Matters is an open networking evening where you will have the opportunity to collaborate with business professionals from the worlds of advertising, PR, and production.

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Date: 18 February 2010
Location: The Slug and Lettuce, UK

Apps - What's your Strategy?

This event will help people in strategic marcomms roles understand the key challenges with respect to apps and identify the building blocks of an app strategy. mashup* is bringing together several industry experts and specialist developers to help demystify, clarify and explain the issues around the rapidly emerging Apps channel.

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Date: 28 January 2010
Location: Ogilvy UK, UK

Rate Card Survey 2008: How much do UK digital agencies charge?


The Digital Agency Rate Card Survey is based on a survey of more than 300 UK digital agencies carried out in 2008.

The principal objective of this E-consultancy research is to show what UK digital agencies charge for different types of skills and levels of seniority, and to understand how and why rates may vary, for example by size of company.

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Winning New Work: A Business Development Guide for UK Digital Agencies & Consultants


A 58 page guide for UK Digital Agencies and Consultants on how to win more work through effective business development.

We talked to some of the most successful agencies and business development directors to find out what works for them and what resources they are using to get leads and convert business.

This unique guide contains details on:

1. Generating leads

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