Comment Spam, The Phantom Menace Slowing Your Website

Spammers are bad by Justin Levy

The speed of your website is critical. According to one report for every second that a page takes to load, wave goodbye to 7% of sales and who can afford that? Visa Europe estimating £450m will be spent on Cyber Monday alone.

There's all sorts of clever tech solutions: cloud-based servers, cacheing, content delivery networks to name but a few. Surely good old-fashioned comments don't represent a website glue trap?

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The UK’s first Symfony Live conference

London’s first Symfony Live conference takes place next month on the 13th and 14th September. This event, in the heart of London's vibrant technical scene, brings together the best minds from open source enterprise software development.

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Date: 13 September 2012
Location: The Brewery, UK

Drupal Beer and Chat for July 2010

Beer and Chat returns for July. Same routine as usual, pop down from 7pm onwards for a beer and a chat about Drupal. All are welcome from the Drupal veterans to the Drupal curious. We'll be at what is rapidly becoming the official London Drupal pub, the Square Pig in Holborn.

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Date: 26 July 2010
Location: The Square Pig, UK

Drupal Focus On Enterprise

MySQL and the UK Drupal community are pleased to invite you to a half day event focusing on the benefits and challenges of using Drupal in your business.

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Date: 26 May 2010
Location: Sun CBC, UK

Doughnuts for Drupal - Drupal for Social Media

As part of Social Media Week, FreshNetworks will be hosting "Doughnuts for Drupal" - a free, informal breakfast and discussion about using Drupal as a social media platform. The event will also launch the FreshNetworks drupal hub.

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Date: 5 February 2010
Location: FreshNetworks, UK

Reflections on Chinwag's First Tech Intern

Gregory MarlerOn Friday, Chinwag waved goodbye to Gregory, our first tech intern. It was an experiment, which proved extremely fruitful for Chinwag, and hopefully, Gregory too.

For a company that sits at the S end of SME, combined with some control freakery thanks to yours truly, taking on an intern would be a challenge on a number of fronts. Could we find the right person? Would they learn anything? Did we really have time to make it work?

Previous internships had worked well, with an editorial intern progressing into a full-time role, but we learnt just how much staff time is needed. Tricky for a small company that finds itself stretched at the best of times.

About the time we waved Gregory off, a tweet from Loic Le Meur (@loic) popped up, agreeing with Seth Godin’s take on internships,

"I think internships are overrated. Most of the time, the employer thinks he's doing the intern a favor, but he doesn't trust the interns to do any actual thoughtful, intelligent work worth talking about. And to be fair, most of the time the interns are busy hiding, not grabbing responsibility but instead acting like they're in school, avoiding hard work and trying to get an A."

Pretty cynical. Perhaps this applies more to internships within large organisations, because that’s not been the experience at Chinwag. He’s right about one thing, there’s little point in having an intern if you’re not going to let them do anything.

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DrupalCamp Köln (Cologne)

Die Drupal-Initiative organisiert für das Wochenende am 17. und 18. Januar 2009 einen Drupal-Entwicklerkongress. Dieser wird hauptsächlich in Deutsch sein und ist für alle deutschsprachigen Drupal-Entwickler, -Designer und -Projektmanager von hohem Stellenwert.

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Date: 17 January 2009
Location: GFU Cyrus AG, DE