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Advanced Email Conference – Maximum Performance, Maximum Impact

24 iconic brands as they reveal how they're demonstrating results and multi-channel engagement with targeted, integrated and innovative email marketing content and campaigns. Discover how to power your email marketing with conversion boosting, customer-centric and innovcative strategied which cut through, stand out and add to the bottom line.

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Date: 17 November 2015
Location: One America Square, UK

Offer: Exclusive Discount for Advanced Email Conference (15th November)

Blackberry Emails

The Advanced Email Conference, taking place in London on 15th November, will discuss the difficult task of creating personalised, targeted and engaging email campaigns that stand out in the sea of emails we receive on a daily basis.

The organisers, Global Insight Conferences, have offered an exclusive discount for Chinwaggers (see below). Here's what they have to say about the conference:

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