Virtual Worlds Forum

Back for the second year, Virtual Worlds Forum Europe 2008 is produced by the Virtual Economic Forum, Europe’s leading virtual worlds media company. Three days of congress, expo and workshops covering entertainment, enterprise, community, education, marketing, regulation, and finance… plus lots more.

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Date: 6 October 2008
Location: The Bridge, UK

Tech Crunch Pitch - The Techcrunch Summer Event

TechCrunch UK will be holding a startup pitch competition on July 10th in Soho, London, entitled “TechCrunch Pitch!”. It's a stripped down, "bare essentials" event. Just fast pitches from startups and networking.

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Date: 10 July 2008
Location: St Anne's Church, UK

Media City Party

Media City UK is providing the Northwest media, marketing and digital community with its first chance to take a look inside the £1.5billion Salford Quays development.  The open door event will feature stand-up comic John Bishop The open door event featuring stand-up comic John Bishop and DJ client Boon is to be held at the Media City Studios, Pie Factory from 6pm to 10pm on Friday 20th June.

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Date: 20 June 2008
Location: Media City Studios, UK

Digital 60 Day: Industrial Forum

The 2008 Industrial Forum will take place on June 20th as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the ‘Baby’, the world’s first stored program computer designed and built at The University of Manchester. These activities are open to the Manchester business community and are free to attend.

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Date: 20 June 2008
Location: School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, UK

Digital PR , Web 2.0 & Tameside as a Digital Destination

Tameside is maintaining its beacon role by bringing together key speakers to share their experiences with businesses acriss Tameside and surrounding areas.

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Date: 18 June 2008
Location: Stalybridge Civic Hall, UK

Wired City Reconnected - Stockport

The Wired City Reconnected events are ‘collaborative’ networking events. They are aimed at mature digital businesses that wish to explore opportunites to meet like minded companies who are interested in potential collaborations.

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Date: 19 June 2008
Location: Broadstone Mill, UK

Festival of socially powered media in the post-broadcast era

Over the 2nd and 3rd of July the 2gether08 festival in London will look at how ideas and popular technology interact. The event is a forum that looks at improving our lives through digital media. Those presenting or developing ideas in the sessions at 2gether08 can take advantage of potential investment from 4IP’s £50 million fund.

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Digital skills shortage: pure economics?

At Chinwag we’ve been chatting about the skills shortage in digital for some time. We did a survey on the topic too at the end of 2007 to find out exactly how digital was faring. The results were quite worrying.

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Risk management and social media

Apparently, in 2007, 16% of companies saw confidential information divulged online, 1 in 10 saw financial information leaked and ¾ of companies disciplined employees for abuse of email. So how do you know if your employees aren't divulging company secrets online? Simple – you don’t.

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365 friends: It's the year of the geek

God bless my parents. Heaven knows how they coped. I was a right rotter in my teens. All loud music, piercings and dyed blacker than black hair. My music was their biggest bug bear. “Like a fire engine in a tumble dryer” was how my dad described the racket emanating from my pit.

Fast forward to today and the generation gap has slowly disappeared.

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Thinking Digital’s northern delights….

The north east has always been a hotbed of economic activity. Since it’s glory days as an industrial heavy weight it’s been a centre of economic enterprise, one way or another. Today the North-East’s new identity as a knowledge-led, high-end technology hub is attracting industry talent.

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Alchemy in the micro media maze

Micromedia makes my life better. For one thing – I don’t have to take comprehensive notes at Chinwag events, because there’s always the trusty podcast :-) So I spent most of this event using my more evolved faculties of listening and thinking. Amen to that!

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Top ten brand videos on YouTube

Do you know how your company looks on YouTube? Open platforms and social networks attract massive audiences, and the impact of this sea-change in media on brands has been equally enormous.

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Chinwag Live: Micro Media Maze

From the MP3 to the tweet, it seems everything's going micro. Myspace, LastFM, The Guardian and more discuss the impact for brands, content owners and business...

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Date: 20 May 2008
Location: The Slug & Lettuce (Downstairs), UK

Manchester calling as Chinwag hits the digital north

The internet was meant to be the thing that liberated us from place. Anyone could design a website or run a company from their bedroom or a remote eerie. All you needed was a computer and an ISDN connection, right?

But some habits die hard. Basing your web business in London seems to be one of those things. Despite this, there's a thriving scene around Britain, and we're keen to give as many people and places as possible access to our services.

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