Girl Geek Dinners: Leeds

I'm very pleased to announce what will be the first of many Girl Geek Dinners will be hosted in the north-east next month.  Confirmed speakers already include lydia machell; a freelance music software developer and lorna mitchell a developer, consultant and trainer for ibuildings in Leeds. 

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Date: 13 August 2008
Location: The Sudy @ The Living Room, UK

Remix UK 08

ReMix UK 08 takes you to the frontier of today's web. With boundaries continuing to blur between developers and designers, consumers and producers, and TVs, PCs and mobile devices, ReMix UK 08 asks 'where next for the web?'

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Date: 18 September 2008
Location: The Brighton Centre, UK

a4u Affiliate Marketing Conference & Exhibition

Their first conference last year attracted 800 professionals frombig brands such as BT, SKY, Virgin, Tesco and Google. The two event on the 14th of October includes 30 quality conference centres, 40 exhibitors, chill out lounge and 3 networking parties.

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Date: 13 October 2008
Location: Excel Centre, UK

Manchester Geek Girl Dinner

For those who havn't been to Geek Girl Dinner before, it's dinner, wine, talks from inspirational women, networking and discussions afterwards.  

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Date: 25 July 2008
Location: University of Salford, UK

Big Geek Day Out: Alton Towers

Summer's coming up, you say? And you like Theme Parks? Big Geek Day Out are organising a day out to Alton Towers. More details about possible train deals you can use to get there once the train companies get their acts together and publish this year's deals. Tickets normally cost £25 for an adult off t'web (plus obviously your cost to get there), but I'm sure that the normal 2 for 1 deals and the like will appear as soon as summer comes along. This fun day out is open to all (not just geeks). Come one, come all - come to Alton Towers!

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Date: 2 August 2008
Location: Alton Towers, UK

Moo's Summer Party

Summer's here, so naturally it's time for the Annual MOO Summer Party. It'll be descending on Exmouth Market and the Ambassador again. There will be free drinks and food (whilst stocks last, reduced rates thereafter), and, no doubt, rockin' music and the usual MOO japes and freebies.

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Date: 24 July 2008
Location: Vibe Bar, UK

Chinwag Live: Search vs Recommendation

Competitive or collaborative - are search and recommendation chalk and cheese or will they seamlessly blend? Debate the issues with MediaVest, Base One, Trusted Places, Reevoo and The Filter...

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Date: 2 September 2008
Location: The Slug & Lettuce (Downstairs), UK

Wealth of Networks: Digital Economies and the Next-generation Internet

Bringing together experts from across the UK in conversation with the general public. Topics include - next generation health care, e-Government, digital entrepeneurship, trust, secruity, e Society and the future of social networks.

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Date: 24 July 2008
Location: Imperial College London, Tnaka Business School, UK

g2i Introductory Seminar

G2i Introductory Seminar will give delegates an insight into what investors look for, an update on current investment trends, an understanding of how g2i can help you become "investor ready", an opportunity to meet like-minded entrepenuers and to build your contacts and business networks.

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Date: 24 July 2008
Location: UK

Making it by Design

  If you are an inventor or entrepreneur launching a new product in a commercial market, the Making it by Design event could be the make or break factor. A strong design can help you stand out from your competitors, strengthen your brand and raise the value of your intellectual property.

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Date: 29 July 2008
Location: The British Library Terrace Restaurant, UK

Flash CS3 Video Development

16 Jul 2008 - 09:00

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Brief 2008

Brief2008 is an semi-serious ad-industry social event where teams answer and present back a brief (that will be given to you on the night) in 2 hours, probably under the influence of alcohol...

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Date: 17 July 2008
Location: The Design Council, UK

Mobile Monday: The Viability and Montetization Potential of Social Networks

MobileMonday New York invites you to join them for an expert-panel discussion around the initial findings of Stratemerge’s study on social networks and debate the findings’ potential market implications.

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Date: 28 July 2008
Location: Samsung Experience Centre, US

The UK Catalyst Awards: Community Awards for Social Technology

Can you or someone you know show how technology is already enabling people around them to connect with each other in new ways and do good things? Twenty five worthy projects have been shortlisted in the Catalyst Awards and the winners will be announced on July 24th at a London Ceremony. 

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Date: 24 July 2008
Location: UK