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Can Free Music Survive and Thrive?

I Like Music by RossinaBossioBAs I've been putting together the next Chinwag Live event (Music - who pays the piper? next week on 15th July, if you're around), it's becoming clear that the music industry provides one of the most dynamic and challenging environments for marketers, but despite the popularity of radio's online cousin, business models are still in a state of flux.

Online music consumption is growing rapidly through an almost endless number of channels, some legal, some paid-for, some ad-funded whilst illegal file sharing still represents the lion's share of listening and sharing.

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MusicTank @ MidemNet on...Filesharing

MusicTank is pleased to be active at MidemNet 2009, presenting both its Filesharing Report following its recent discussion strand, "Let's Sell Recorded Music!", AND the first post-Millennials conference road-mapping brainstorm update at which Terry McBride will discuss progress with James Yuill's manager, Amul Batra and others.

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Date: 18 January 2009
Location: Palais Des Festivals, FR