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Social Media Salary Report: Ladies, It's Not Pretty

Twitter me CakeIf the latest figures from Forum One Networks' Online Community & Social Media Compensation Survey are to be believed, it's not good news ladies. 

The company's 2009 survey found that the gender pay gap is widening in social media at least. Male respondents to the survey made just over $86,644 (£52,249) while female respondents, in comparison, averaged just $75,624 (£45,702) a difference of almost $9,000. According to the survey women make 87% of what a man in a similar role brings home every month.

This time last year Forum One's 2008 study found that 55% of community managers were women. In 2009 this figure fell to 52%. Even with a slight dip in the number of women in social media's top jobs they still out number men in the sector; something which makes the pay difference strange.

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