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Fundraising: The Essentials - Building a High Growth Company

The next in the series of Fundraising: The Essentials is here! Come and join us over breakfast to hear Guy Rigby talk and to learn about building High Growth Companies and to hear how Growth Accelerator can help you.

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Date: 28 November 2013
Location: Central London - Full details upon successful application, UK

Digital Marketing Lessons from the US Election

US election

Not many people know this, but for twelve months in the early 90s, I was Neil Kinnock.

I was working as a copywriter for an agency that held the Labour Party account and it was my job to write all the long direct mail fundraising appeals on behalf of Mr Kinnock.

Our strategy was to build up the supporter base during the run up to the election and then send an unprecedented four mailings during the three weeks or so of run up to the election itself.

And actually, if I say it myself, the fundraising bit was fairly successful… the other bits of the campaign not so much.

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