Survey Claims Early Adopters Tiring of Social Media

Tired little Moo by Leanne Johnson

A new report from analysts Gartner suggest that some audience segments audience are showing signs of fatigue in their social media consumption.

"The trend shows some social media fatigue among early adopters, and the fact that 31 percent of Aspirers [younger, more mobile, brand-conscious consumers] indicated that they were getting bored with their social network is a situation that social media providers should monitor, as they will need to innovate and diversify to keep consumer attention," said Brian Blau, research director at Gartner.

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Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit

The upcoming Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit will address these developments head-on, examining how these changes can drive business value.

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Date: 21 September 2011
Location: Lancaster London Hotel, UK