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Foursquare opportunists bring it on

FourSquare by John Fischer

Foursquare is Google Latitude meets Facebook, with a dash of Twitter and a dollop of Qype. It’s more addictive than a big stew of smack and crack. In less than a year, the geo-location gaming platform managed to rack up 275,000 users. Today, it’s more like 3 million.

But should we really be worried about privacy? We’ve been posting our information online, in one form or another, for ages. Common sense shall surely prevail.

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TechCrunch Social Currency Crunch Up

Social currency is where the web meets real world commerce. CrunchUps are highly participatory one-day conferences hosted by TechCrunch where we focus in on important “now” themes in non-traditional formats. Join us for the day to help shape the future of geo-location platforms and services.

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Date: 30 July 2010
Location: Stanford University, US