Simon Says: Daily Deals are rubbish, at the moment

junk mail

This morning I woke up to several emails: new girls in my area wanting to talk on, are having another sale & Groupon offers me 40% off a weekend spa break. All 3 went straight into the Trash.

I know from past experience the “girls in my area” are either people I know or live too far away. Anything in the TopMan sale is there for a reason - usually because even the cast of Skins wouldn’t be seen dead in it. And Groupon clearly doesn’t know me from Adam.

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Simon Says: Foursquare is the Best Platform for Small Businesses

If you own a physical location for your business there’s a large number of options available to you to drum up new business; Groupon and Foursquare are two that spring to everybody’s mind. But I don’t think anyone should be recommending daily deals.

In my eyes Groupon shows that local deals work. But that’s all it does. They are experimenting with Groupon Local which will aid local businesses in generating new customers at low points of the day, but at the moment Groupon but it is still based on the daily deals model, with none of the “social” elements.

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Facebook, M&S, Nando's and Capgemini to Join Chinwag Live: When Customer Service Goes Social

Chinwag Live: When Customer Service Goes Social just got really exciting with the announcement of some leading brands joining the panel.

The event, taking place on Wednesday 5th October, will look into the profound impact social media is having on how corporates interact with their existing and prospective customers.

We are very pleased to announce that we'll be joined by Gavin Sathianathan, Strategic Partner Manager at Facebook, Julia Monro, Community Manager at Marks and Spencer, Boris Jacquin, Digital Marketing Manager at Nando's Australia and Guy Stephens, Technology Consultant at Capgemini (UK).

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Deal of the Day: Groupon, LivingSocial, Facebook, Google Compared [Infographic]

Deals, Deals, Deals… and More Deals

Always a fan of a tasty infographic and this morsel from Online MBA doesn't dissappoint, featuring a breakdown of the top-line numbers behind the daily deal giants: Groupon, LivingSocial and new entrants Facebook and Google. Amazon's announcement that it's entering the fray is too new to be included.

The figures put Groupon's eyewatering valuation in perspective: revenue of $100m, valuation of $6bn and plenty of red ink. Is there a touch of snake oil amongst the current offerings? Kevin Kelleher blogging at CNN Money seems to think so:

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SMW London Snippet: Interview with Jonathan Mann, Head of Marketing & Hristina Hristova, Social Media Planner at Groupon UK

Jonathan and Hristina, Groupon UK

After The "Friend" Close: Social Sales Panel, which took place during Social Media Week on Wednesday 9th Feb 2011, we managed to grab both Jonathan Mann, Head of Marketing and Hristina Hristova, Social Media Planner at Groupon UK to talk about the panel, social sales and Groupon.

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The "Friend" Close: Social Sales

Sales has come a long way from it’s stereotyped image of the persistent cold caller who won’t take no for an answer. Brands have been working hard to pull in sales and retain customers using a variety of methods. How can you mix both offline and online strategies to allow the customer to create their own journey? How can you maximise your ROI?

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Date: 9 February 2011
Location: Design Council, UK