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Legal Blindspot: 35% of Social Media Workers Don't Know The Law

Social Media and the Law - Immediate Future

In a new research 'Social media litigation: How prepared is your business?' nearly 35% of respondents, most of whom work professionally in social media have little or no knowledge of the law.

Perhaps the most glaring legal hole is confidential data. Whilst 76% of companies worry about their secrets slipping out through social media, only 61% aren't confident that their sensitive information is protected on social media platforms.

Immediate Future who published the research have published an infographic with the key findings.

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SMW REWIND: “Share This” – PR Now & In The Future [video]

Andrew Bruce Smith, co-author of "Share This"

Communicating with markets has never been easier. But those who have the skills to create direct and compelling dialogue are in a tiny minority.

This session takes you on a tour of Share This - the best-selling social media handbook for PR professionals from Chartered Institute of Public Relations, tackling topics including:

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