internet of things

WSO2Con Europe 2017 - Digital Transformation

Learn how today's organizations find innovative ways to compete through integration, API management, identity & access management, smart analytics, and Internet of Things - the key ingredients to help you shape digital transformation.

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Date: 6 November 2017
Location: Royal Garden Hotel, UK

Smart Summit Asia

The Impact of IoT on Homes, Cities and Industries

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Date: 30 November 2016
Location: Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, UK

LPWAN World Forum

A 2 Day Conference and Exhibition Examining The Impact of LPWA Networks on IoT Connectivity

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Date: 9 November 2016
Location: Canary Wharf, UK

Smart Summit London

The Impact of IoT on Homes, Cities and Industries

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Date: 21 September 2016
Location: Olympia Conference Centre, UK

Internet of Things Event - London

To be connected, or not to be connected - that is the question. This Internet of Things event will look beyond the hype to understand how connected devices can improve the quality of our lives, anticipate our needs, and create real economic value.

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Date: 10 March 2016
Location: Ambassador's Residence, UK

Next steps for data protection in Scotland

In advance of the new European Data Protection Regulation, currently making its way through the European Parliament, this seminar will provide a timely opportunity for delegates to discuss the implications of the regulatory changes on data protection in Scotland.

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Date: 9 September 2016
Location: Central Edinburgh, UK

Future of Work: Drones, Robots, IoT

We'll be discussing the effects of networked machines and the Internet of Things. How does work change when some of your colleagues are people and some of them are sensing devices? Do you want to work with a robot? How much of your work could be delivered by a network of machines?

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Date: 24 November 2015
Location: Truphone, UK

Fintech Storm - IOT, Telematics & Payments 29th Oct 2015 6pm London

Fintech Storm IOT, Telematics & Payments Special featuring Braintree Payments, Boldmind IoT, The Floow, Coin Jar, Bloomberg Markets etc.

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Date: 29 October 2015
Location: Rainmaking Loft, UK

London Innovation Summit 2015

Codex is proud to present the most significant London Innovation Summit of 2015, to cut through the noise, and understand the full impact of digital technologies on our lives and the economy.

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Date: 15 October 2015
Location: Taylor Wessing, UK

Smart Social Media Summit

Discover How the Social Experience Of The IoT Will Disrupt Business, Government and Society

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Date: 3 June 2015
Location: Senate House, UK

Internet of Things As An Agent of Democracy & Civic Engagement

the Internet of Things As An Agent for Democracy and Civic Engagement conference brings together IoT professionals, business executives, academics and other influencers from around the world to discuss how the the internet of things will disrupt democracy and civic engagement.

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Date: 25 March 2015
Location: Senate House, UK

Wearables Survey: what are you wearing? Help uncover wearable trends.

Wearables Survey - what are you wearing?

Want a peak into how businesses are planning to use wearable technology? Take this super-quick survey (only takes 60 secs) and help uncover the future of wearable tech.

In return for completing it, we will send you a handy infographic on 'How to Create A Wearable Technology Strategy' as well as a summary of the survey results.

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The Internet of Good Things

The Internet of Good Things conference is designed to help businesses across the West Country to develop, grow and launch global Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

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Date: 30 October 2014
Location: The Octagon at Milsom Place, UK

Big Data Day at the International Festival for Business

This event is your opportunity to network and learn from thought leaders coming together to provide new business insights and value from Big Data. Join us in exploring challenges and opportunities presented by the huge growth in data, including the technical, economic and social impact on a number of key industry sectors.

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Date: 24 June 2014
Location: STFC Daresbury Laboratory, UK

RE.WORK Technology Summit, London 2014

Discover emerging technologies shaping the future of business & society.

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Date: 18 September 2014
Location: TBC - London, UK