SMW REWIND: Socialympics, Lessons Learned From The Games [VIDEO]

olympic flags

Back in February, as part of Social Media Week, Synergy and Jam co-hosted the first Socialympics, a panel debate on the implications of London 2012 being the first social media Olympic and Paralympic games.

It was such a success, that by popular demand, we staged Socialympics 2, once again bringing together key players in the London Socialympics to review what was a historic moment in sport and sports marketing.

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#SMWLDN in Rewind: The Impact of Mobile on Social Media


The Impact of Mobile on Social, hosted by The Engine Group took place on Tuesday 25th at the Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine.

This panel discussion looked at how mobile became the main platform for brands and agencies to engage consumers, with Dan Beasley, Head of Mobile at JAM (@danbeasley1), Ronan Shields, Reporter for New Media Age (@ronan_shields), and John Bartleson, Director of Marketing D2C at Telefonica Digital (djjohnbee). Check out the livestream below for more.

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Round #2: Introducing & Announcing More SMWLDN Sept ’12 Hubs

We said there were more to come, and as promised, here they are!

In this second announcement, we have another three SMWLDN Sept '12 Hub to introduce you to, on top of our previous announcement of ExHoSo House, Google Campus, The Hub Westminster, O2 Workshop and Unruly Media - giving us a total of 8 SMWLDN Sept '12 Hubs for the week.

As explained in the last announcement, each SMWLDN Sept '12 Hubs will have a topic area, and events taking place in the Hub will focus and/or relate to that particular Hub's topic area. Each Hub's schedule is being carefully curated, Hub events will highlight and showcase some of the best SMWLDN events taking place this September. Also, with London being a bit of a beast with events taking place all over the city, we hope that this will make SMWLDN easier to navigate, both physically and on the online schedule.

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Horizon Digital Brand Jam @ Brunel

Brunel University hosting Brand Jam on behalf of Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute. One day event brings together brand owners, brand agencies, digital economy scientists, academics, designers to explore future issues concerneing brands and thier relationship with the digital economy

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Date: 30 May 2012
Location: Brunel University, UK