Cookies: Do New Privacy Laws Take The Biscuit? The Lawyer's View

Pac Man Cookies

Last week, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) published guidance on changes to the laws on using cookies that will affect tens of thousands of business owners.

The new law applies to all EU websites and requires website owners to get a user's consent before cookies are saved onto a device. First,  bit of background...

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5th TMT Finance & Investment Middle East 2011 – Conference and Awards Ceremony

Key topics this year include - How will regional telecom operators grow global businesses? What are the best strategies for financing, mergers and acquisitions? What are the new paths to profitability for operators? Media & Convergence; Financing Growth; Infrastructure Sharing; Regulation and Mobile Broadband.

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Date: 9 May 2011
Location: Ritz Carlton, BH

Bloggers in the Dock

UK Online News Association and Index on Censorship invite you to Bloggers in the Dock: Over the last year journalists, writers and bloggers have found themselves in court defending cases of libel and anonymity. The rulings have been significant and a catalyst for change.

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Date: 14 September 2010
Location: Index on Censorship, UK