Words That Work: Copywriting to Sell to CEOs, CFOs & CIOs; Copywriting to Sell Entrepreneurs


Stop! Before you write any marketing copy, sales presentations, email or ads to impress CEOs, first find out what trigger words and phrases will work. And which "sales-killer" words to avoid in your copy. Critical for lead gen and sales campaigns.

Is your company trying to sell products or services to CEOs, CFOs, CIOs or entrepreneurs? Now there are copywriting guides to help you:

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Striding out in Brighton: how to recruit, manage and lead an entrepeneurial team

Many businesses fail because the entrepreneur tries to do everything themselves! So how do you recruit, manage and lead an entrepreneurial team to help you fullfil your ambition. With little resources you need to recruit properly, you need to offer the right incentives, you need to manage delegation and you need to be a leader in the area in which you excel!....OR ELSE You Could Loose Alot of Money or Not Succeed!!! The event will look at personality profiling tools to help you recruit the right people and ways to manage them. It will give you an insight into your own leadership style and qualities, and it will give you methods on how to effectively manage and lead a team. It is an opportunity to network and discuss your circumstances with a panel of experts in leadership, profiling and management. The event will be facilitated by Soraya Shaw, Striding Out's Business Coach in Brighton, a specialist in team and leadership development. She will be joined by our guests:- Jo Ward - A Wealth Dynamics Practitioner. Wealth Dynamics is a personality profiling tool which specialises in putting together entrepreneurial teams. Rosie Freshwater - Founder of Leapfrogg, one of the leading search engine marketing companies in the UK. Rosie has built the company over the last five years and now employs 17 people. £10.50/£30.50 for Non Members and Free for Members

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Date: 24 June 2008
Location: The Werks, UK