Best practise search engine marketing

10 Jun 2008 - 09:15 - 11 Jun 2008 - 18:00

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eMetrics Opitmization Summit

The premiere global event and executive forum for optimizing online marketing value. Neil Mason will Chair the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. Neil is recognized as one of the UK's foremost online marketing experts and an internationally known speaker on electronic marketing and customer interaction. Neil will keynote and introduce a new line up of presentations, case studies and panel debates. Thought-leaders, industry analysts, consultants, vendors and key members of the media will identify and discuss the latest issues, insights and trends in online measurement and optimisation.

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Date: 20 May 2008
Location: The Rusell Hotel, UK

Beers and Innovation: Coming of Age

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Date: 27 May 2008
Location: The CC Club, Unit 33, UK

Manchester calling as Chinwag hits the digital north

The internet was meant to be the thing that liberated us from place. Anyone could design a website or run a company from their bedroom or a remote eerie. All you needed was a computer and an ISDN connection, right?

But some habits die hard. Basing your web business in London seems to be one of those things. Despite this, there's a thriving scene around Britain, and we're keen to give as many people and places as possible access to our services.

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Finding & Attracting Talent - part 2

We've been so busy here interviewing that I forgot to post this weeks ago! Anyway, here goes part 2 of finding & attracting talent ...

Once you think you have the ideal CV, the most common next step is the interview.

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Chinwag Live: User Centered Advertising (with Manchester Digital)

Is advertising that's attuned to and valuable for consumers a contradiction in terms? Does it exist? Should it be created, and how will it work?

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Date: 15 April 2008
Location: CUBE, UK

PR and publishing voices at Tomorrow's Ad Formats

Our next panel, Chinwag Live: Tomorrow's Ad Formats on Tuesday 18th March is shaping up to be an interesting evening...

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Rise of the Brandcasters

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Date: 28 February 2008
Location: 01zero-one, UK

Social Media for Business - Full Day Course

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Date: 2 April 2008
Location: University of Westminster, UK

Chinwag Live: Tomorrow's Ad Formats

As online content diversifies, new forms of advertising are emerging to keep in step with this ever changing landscape. The next Chinwag Live looks at trends beyond the banner...

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Date: 18 March 2008
Location: The Slug & Lettuce (Downstairs), UK

Shape The UK's Digital Marketing Strategy

UK Trade & Invest Survey UK Trade & Invest, the government agency responsible for attracting investment to the UK and marketing business overseas, is putting together a marketing strategy to promote the digital industry abroad. And they need your help!

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Thinking Digital

Exploring the ideas and technologies that are set to fundamentally alter the way people live, work and play...  

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Date: 21 May 2008
Location: The Sage, Newcastle Gateshead, UK

Widgety Goodness 2007

The widgetization of content for social networks and its implications for brands and marketers...

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Date: 6 December 2007
Location: Corn Exchange, UK