Mobile Test Automation “How IT can make the right calls with mobile ”

Event focusing on mobile test automation and QA looking at how IT can develop and execute a stellar mobile strategy from app development to OS upgrades.

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Date: 24 November 2014
Location: Tech UK, UK

Intel® Buzz Workshop for Game Developers: Be Mobile

The 2014 Intel® Buzz Workshop series is back by popular demand! This series of community workshops is designed to help professional game developers tackle the gaming industry's biggest problems.

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Date: 2 October 2014
Location: Rich Mix, UK

Behavioural Analytics is the New Black with CoolaData

Whether you're in gaming, mobile or eCommerce, chances are you have customer data of all kinds, from different sources, and could benefit from knowing how best to analyse and monetise it. Join us for this free morning session to see behavioural analytics in action and find out why and how it might be relevant to you.

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Date: 2 July 2014
Location: Google's Churchill Square Room, UK

Paul Ardeleanu's Introduction to iOS Development

Want to learn how to write and deploy applications that run on the iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad)? Then join this two day hands-on workshop run by leading expert Paul Ardeleanu. Without doubt, iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems amongst developers. And with version 7, it goes to a whole new level.

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Date: 30 June 2014
Location: Skills Matter, UK

Services in the City (Open Data) Design Jam

Services in the City (Open Data) Design Jam is a fully funded design jam and explore the potential of open data to enhance our city, by creating new services or helping improve existing services.

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Date: 3 June 2014
Location: The Work Foundation, UK

Mobile Advertising Is Taking Over The UK (Infographic)

Recent data just published by the Advertising Association shows that mobile and tablet advertising is taking over the UK. Within the £6.3bn spent each year on UK internet advertising, £1bn belongs to mobile. 

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Pocket Gamer Connects 2 Helsinki

After an amazingly successful first outing in London, Pocket Gamer Connects is coming back again, this time to sunny (honest) Helsinki!

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Date: 16 June 2014
Location: Wanha Satama, UK

Mobile engagement - the new opportunity in Content Marketing. Are you ready?

Mobile presents marketers with an unprecedented opportunity for brands to reach and engage consumers, but it is an opportunity that too few marketers are seizing. This session of Outbrain’s ‘Content Conversations’ will introduce to marketers the tools they need to create engagement in mobile.

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Date: 10 April 2014
Location: Outbrain UK, UK

On The Edge Digital Conference

The On The Edge Digital Marketing conference is back, and coming to London on 9th May 2014. We have some exciting things in store and with confirmed keynote speakers Guy Levine, James Murray and Basile Fattal as well as breakout sessions on brand, mobile, content, SEO, personas and global marketing. Tickets from £100:

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Date: 9 May 2014
Location: Congress Centre, UK

16-24s Not Concerned About Virus Protection On Their Mobiles

Four in every five mobile phone owners leave their devices undefended.

That's the stark message from a new report by Voxburner, showing that only 19% of 16-24s use security software.

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The End (of the Desktop) is Nigh: July 2014

Computer Graveyard by Moshe Reuveni

It's going to be the year of mobile. Really. This time it's really happening.

Mobile and tablets have been due to take over the world for the last decade, according to new research, it becomes a reality in July 2014.

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WIPJam @ MWC 14

WIPJam @ MWC14 Presented by WIP & GSMA February 24-27, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain We’re back for Year 7, Bigger and Better! More developers. More tshirts. More code. More swag!

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Date: 24 February 2014
Location: Hall M5, Fira Montjuïc, ES

Britain's Got Telnet - 78% of Country Now Online

More of us are online, but we feel pretty meh about it

 The number of Britons going online has soared in the last decade, but the majority do so without enthusiasm.

That’s the conclusion of the latest report from Oxford Internet Surveys of our national internet use, which identifies five groups:

  • Cyber-moderates, who use the internet but had no strong feelings either for or against it (37%)
  • Adigitals, who felt the internet was taking over their lives and invading their privacy (14%)

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Apple iBeacons: what are they and what do they mean for retail?

Bye bye, Belisha. There’s a new beacon in town.

In The Guardian, Simon Baldwin blogs that iBeacon seeks to lead.

Apple’s proprietary challenger to Near Field Communication arrived with iOs7. It boasts a range of up to 50 metres and uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to pinpoint location.

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