Brightcove for Mobile - LBDG

The London Brightcove Developer Group has been running for over 3 months now. Exploring themes and topics that define and acceleration the online video industry our mission is to educate by discussion, examples and networking. The cost is free, we provide pizza and beer and a good time.

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Date: 24 February 2010
Location: Sun Microsystems CBC, UK

Apps Mixer*

A networking event for people working in, affected by and interested in the emerging apps. Register: Price: £15 + VAT (Includes: beer and pizza)

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Date: 9 February 2010
Location: SUN office, Regis House,, UK

Apps - What's your Strategy?

This event will help people in strategic marcomms roles understand the key challenges with respect to apps and identify the building blocks of an app strategy. mashup* is bringing together several industry experts and specialist developers to help demystify, clarify and explain the issues around the rapidly emerging Apps channel.

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Date: 28 January 2010
Location: Ogilvy UK, UK

Media Camp London 3

If you do stuff with the web, or want to, come along you'll meet some very cool people.

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Date: 17 December 2009
Location: London College of Communication, UK

How To Sell Your Multi-Platform Content Globally. Uncover The Cash You Never Knew You Had!

Are you surviving? But want to thrive? You know how to create content but do you know how to sell it effectively? This workshop from Media sauce, Own -it and Skillset will look at how you can exploit your IP rights globally and across multiple platforms from traditional broadcast to mobile devices.

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Date: 17 February 2010
Location: Manchester Digital Development Agency, UK

Simply Zesty Winter Camp - The Future of Communication

Simply Zesty Winter Camp - the future of communication

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Date: 2 December 2009
Location: Camden Court Hotel, IE

Get More Bang For Your Online Buck

Gain a quick-fire insight into how to maximise digital spend for quick and easy online wins. Speakers from brands such as Dell, Lonely Planet, The Virgin Group, IKEA and LOVEFiLM share insights into social media, mobile & video, twitter, tracking ROI and intelligently apportioning digital spend.

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Date: 16 September 2009
Location: Hammersmith, UK

The Creator's Guide to Going Mobile

Own-it and Accelerator have invited a legal expert to explain the current legal framework surrounding distribution of content to mobiles. A successful business working in the field will talk about their business model and practice. They will answer your questions and explain how you can exploit, protect and manage your Intellectual Property in this fairly new field.

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Date: 12 November 2008
Location: Conference Room Suite, Accelerator, London Metropolitan University, Shoreditch Building, UK

Who's coming to Chinwag Live Search and Location Based Services?

If the list of companies attending our event tomorrow is anything to go by, the innovations and opportunities around search and location-based services are moving up the agenda.

From telecoms, portals, publishers, application developers and digital marketing agencies, to PR companies, ecommerce outfits, VCs and social networks - it's shaping up to be a classic Chinwag event that brings the different shades of digital together to collectively get to grips with the latest trends.

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Commercial opportunities in mobile phone entertainment

E.Factor's event, Mobile Entertainment, will cover the commercial entertainment possibilities in mobile.

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Date: 13 January 2009
Location: Davenport Lyons, UK

Mobile Breakfast Briefing

16 Oct 2008 - 08:30

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Mobile Content

13 Nov 2008 - 09:30

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Casual Connect Seattle

Casual Games Association Events are the premiere events for the casual games industry with over 3,000 professionals attending Casual Connect Events each year. Casual Connect Seattle brings together the most talented and knowledgeable experts in the casual gaming field to further the casual games industry with the best of networking and learning.

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Date: 23 July 2009
Location: Benaroya Hall, US

Search and location up a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Every year it's the same moldy old format recycled round the media hype circuit. It's the year of the mobile web, of mashups. It's the end of print media, the death of the gatekeeper. Revolutions are ushering themselves in left, right and centre, and whoosh! Life as we know it will be forever unutterably changed... yeah!

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AdMob Mobile Analytics July 2008 Report


AdMob offers free reports with market level data, providing insight into trends in the mobile ecosystem.

AdMob stores and analyzes data from every ad request, impression, and click and uses this information to optimize ad matching. Every day, we see ad requests from more than 5,000 publishers sites in over 160 countries.

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