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Search Engine Strategies Toronto 2010

Search Engine Strategies Toronto 2010! For those who want to learn more about doing business online, covering topics such as PPC, social media, video marketing, link building, mobile, and more!

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Date: 9 June 2010
Location: Hyatt Regency Toronto, CA

AOP: Shaping Your Digital Business for Success In 2010

As the fog of recession begins to clear, this AOP Forum explores some of the management challenges and opportunities facing digital businesses as they turn their attention to 2010 and beyond.

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Date: 9 September 2009
Location: IPC Media, UK

Freeconomics: the challenges facing online publishers

EVE Online raises the bar on virtual economics by MarkWallaceDebate on the “content-for-free” model continues to dominate various forums and industry blogs.  Commentators argue that it’s crippling online publishers and driving some out of business.

From the never-ending financial problems of the New York Times to the demise of small digital media companies, the issue is occupying the minds of analysts, commentators and media owners across the industry.

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Mobile and online publishing feeling the crunch

‘BANK CRASH PROFIT FEARS’ yelled the headline on the Evening Standard news-stand as I passed by the newsagents at lunchtime today.

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AOP Behavioural Targeting Forum: B2B perspective

Behavioural targeting can help deliver more relevant content, provide select audiences to advertisers, improve inventory management and increase revenues. But how can publishers realise the benefits while protecting their reputation?

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Date: 30 July 2008
Location: Blue Fin Building, UK

BBC News Interactive moves centre-stage

In the words of Pete Clifton, the BBC’s head of News Interactive: “Online now drives tv content”.

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Online publishing past its peak?

According to The Association of Online Publishers’ (AOP) annual census of revenue growth, online publishing is predicted to be down by 20% this year with a forecasted growth of 31% compared to 52% in 2007.

Despite this forecasted dip, online publishing still fared well compared to business growth in other sectors which is predicted to be 8% for 2008.

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AOP Online Publishing Conference 2008

AOP's Digital Publishing Summit 2008 is designed to help you stay ahead of the market and gear up to respond to the ever-increasing pace of change in digital media. This year’s summit is themed 3C – Content, Convergence and Creativity, bringing together industry leaders from around the world to share their views on the digital landscape.

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Date: 1 October 2008
Location: Hilton Park Lane, UK