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Death of the Social Media Guru

No More Gurus by Ilana Fox

As a result of organisations becoming increasingly aware of the burgeoning power of social media and consequentially seeking to grow their online presence, a new breed of candidate has emerged.

The self-proclaimed ‘social media guru’, but with no bench mark set to aspire to and no qualifications to back up this status, couldn't anyone call themselves a Social Media Guru? And what effect will this have upon the industry as a whole?

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Get More Bang For Your Online Buck

Gain a quick-fire insight into how to maximise digital spend for quick and easy online wins. Speakers from brands such as Dell, Lonely Planet, The Virgin Group, IKEA and LOVEFiLM share insights into social media, mobile & video, twitter, tracking ROI and intelligently apportioning digital spend.

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Date: 16 September 2009
Location: Hammersmith, UK