Pinterest Grows 150%, Reddit Climbs 83%

Pinterest + iPad = Love by Bunches and Bits {Karina}

The latest polls from research firm Global Web Index (GWI) show Pinterest having a very pleasant 2013 with a growth in membership of 150%. 

Whilst still relatively small in Europe with 8% of respondents having accounts, and only 3% of these active, the US figures are impressive with 34% holding accounts and 16% being active.

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Very, Very Pinteresting

Pin and save

The video and image pinboard site Pinterest recently revealed that they would begin rolling out price drop email alerts.


For users, the alerts will serve as a handy little alert to the latest promotions on products they’ve pinned. For businesses it’s a free, personalised email marketing offering coordinated via Pinterest. A great addition for all, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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The Ultimate Social Media Post

Perfect Blog Post

Sharing and declaring are the foundation of social media, but businesses are still unable to decide on one issue: is there such a thing as the ideal post?

What makes consumers like a post? What makes them share? Answering these questions is tough, but can lead to an increase in awareness and stronger customer relationships.

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Sweet Retweets: How to write for social media

An essential workshop offering practical advice for businesses, start-ups and freelancers on writing effective social media updates.

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Date: 5 March 2013
Location: Google Campus, UK

Social Media Masterclass with Warren Knight

Businesses are all talking about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media channels. It's today's hot topic! Our social media courses will help you identify the right social media platform and strategy for your business. We will demystify the challenges and pitfalls ahead and show you what you should be tracking.

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Date: 28 November 2012
Location: London, TBA, UK

Social Media Platform Masterclass

Here's your chance to dispell the myths and rumour surrounding social media, and focus on the key tools and techniques that are most likely to bring you new prospects for your business!

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Date: 28 September 2012
Location: Barbican Centre, UK

Using Social and Mobile in Retail

social network

Social networks existed long before Facebook and Twitter. Originally it was just as the organic ties between organisations or individuals; today it’s the same structure, the same dynamics but super-charged by virtue of the digital technology now available!

What Messrs. Zuckerberg & Co. brought to the party are the tools, metrics and case studies necessary to understand how social leaders influence each other within these social and professional networks, and how these relationships can be used to disrupt conventional attitudes and behaviour.

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A guide to Pinterest: what's all the fuss about and why should I care?

Search is becomingly increasingly more visual and we'll see why online commerce is set to be shaken up too.

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Date: 6 September 2012
Location: Chartered Institute of Public Relations, UK

Social Media Week's #InstagramYourCity Competition Ends - See London's 1000+ Entries


The wonderful Social Media Week competition, #InstagramYourCity, where entrants submitted edited photos of this September's 15 Social Media Week cities, has come to an end!

Running from 1st May til 30th June, here in London we've had over 1000 fabulous entries, all of which can be viewed on our two Pinterest boards:

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Interest in Pinterest : What marketers need to know about this popular social media channel

pinterest infographic

You may have heard some of the buzz about Pinterest, one of the newest social networks on the block, but you might not know how much of this excitement is warranted, and how much is pure hype.

Suffice to say, in the history of social networks, never has a service risen so far, so fast; and never has a social network started to deliver lucrative customers to business so quickly. Read on to understand how Pinterest can help your brand.

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Simon Says: Tweet, Pin and Like me, please.


All I’ve been hearing about recently is Pinterest. The pinboard styled start-up that allows you to create image-based collections of things that matter to you. A great and simple concept, and having been a member for over a month now I can honestly say I love it.

Pinterest has found its way into the hearts and browsers of millions of people. But why? Well, in the past couple of years there’s been a growing need to share things. I say need; it’s more a “want” from people. We don’t need to share any of this information, but we’re compelled to.

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